Tips for Easily Knowing Used Car Engine Oil Leaks

News picture Tips for Easily Knowing Used Car Engine Oil Leaks
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Tips for Easily Knowing Used Car Engine Oil Leaks

JBA - One of the important factors that you should not forget when buying a used car is to check the engine oil. Check whether there is a leak in the oil reservoir contained in the inside of the engine.

Why is it an important factor? Because, engine oil leak when you want to buy a used car, can actually make yourself experience a considerable loss.

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As is known, oil is one of the important and mandatory elements in all vehicles. For used car engines, oil is a protection for thousands of metal components that collide with each other.

Without oil, the car's engine will experience excessive heat or overheat, causing it to break down and experience severe damage. Even if the leak starts to spread to the combustion chamber, it will cause the oil to run out quickly and make combustion imperfect.

Then how to detect engine oil leaks on selected used cars?

There is an easy way, you can do to detect engine oil leaks services in the mechanical cars, including:

1. Always make sure if the engine condition is cold. After that, check the amount of oil on the dipstick and make sure the oil volume is in the middle which is between the highest limit (F / Full) and the lowest limit (L / Low).

2. Check the physical condition of the engine block and cylinder head. This is very important considering that if an oil leak occurs, the first sign is the presence of concentrated dust attached to the leak site.

3. If you used car engine has a clean engine, then, you should be vigilant. Because, a used car engine that is too clean will actually make it difficult for you to see if there is an oil leak in the cylinder head area or not.

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The easiest way is to start the car engine for 10 to 14 minutes and look at the section to check whether there is a leak in that section or not.

4. If you see the oil layer on the exhaust part, then this indicates if there is an oil leak and has entered the combustion chamber.

Source: Otoseken.

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