About JBA

PT JBA Indonesia’s main priority is to become the foremost trusted platform in the buying and selling of vehicles, with the most reliable auction system operating within Indonesia. On February 15, 2019, PT Adi Sarana Lelang had acquired PT JBA Indonesia, resulting in a rebranding through the name JBA BidWin Auction, better known as JBA.

PT Adi Sarana Lelang (BidWin) is a part of the Triputra Group, also known as PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk, which itself has been operating since 2014. BidWin is an aggressively dynamic auction company which, in less than five years, has become among the top three auction houses operating in Indonesia, winning a number of awards along the way. BidWin already has more than 10 branch offices in various major cities in Indonesia.

In addition to being a pioneer in automotive auctioning, PT JBA Indonesia also owns a Japanese Bike Auction holding company in Yokohama, Japan. JBA has been a major player in the Indonesian automotive auction market since 2011, with access to a wide market. Until 2018, JBA has had 9 branch offices. Currently, JBA has more than 16 branches and 18 hubs operating out of various major cities across Indonesia. Indeed, JBA will continue to expand its auction business through its innovation and drive for success.

JBA has also adapted a variety of the latest technologies and communication systems so as to be able to provide top tier services for its vehicle entrants, buyers, and the wider community. JBA will continue to innovate in order to maintain its top quality services, and will remain at the forefront of the Indonesian automotive auction market.

JBA is a part of PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk. (ASSA), a company that provides vehicle rental services for corporations, logistics transportation, driver hiring services, automotive auction houses, and vehicle sharing services. ASSA was founded in 2003, in Indonesia.

Vision & Mision


To be the most trusted, reputable, and recommended automotive auction center in Indonesia.


We intend to provide the utmost excellence in servicing all our auction users, unit sellers, enthusiasts, auction participants, and automotive unit buyers, with the aim of making JBA the best alternative in asset sales through maximizing the overall value of our assets for JBA’s clients.



We acknowledge the challenges we face through the strength of our service culture philosophy and its ability to become a trend within the vehicle auction industry.

Kazuhiro Shioyama
Chief Executive Officer


We strive to keep the transformation of skills, integrity, team strength, and a healthy work environment into an innovative service experience at JBA.

Deny Gunawan
Chief Operation Officer
Total Auction Data
JBA Indonesia's excellence

Profitable buying and selling prices

Increase efficiency in selling company assets

Complete facilities

Various auction products

The buying and selling process is safe because it is protected by legal entities

Live Bidding

Auction Room
Locker Room
Vehicle Maintenance
Digital document system
Strategic location and large parking area
Member card with profitable points
24 hour security
Comfortable auction room
Vehicle control card
Live bidding system
Complete vehicle documents and history
JBA Network
Zuhelmi Husen
Buyer from Jakarta - Tipar
"I have been a JBA Buyer for 4 years, in my opinion JBA is the auction hall with the most and good units, the prices are very competitive and the service is also very good."
Ronal Ifan Geraldo
Buyer from Jakarta - Tipar
"I have been a JBA buyer for 3 years, I think JBA has a simple, good and easy to understand auction system. JBA provides good service."
Rico Tupamaha
Buyer from Jakarta - Tipar
"JBA is very helpful in buying and selling units and showroom partners, the service is also very good."
Arif Syahyadi
Buyer from Jakarta Raya
"I have been a JBA Buyer for 7 years, I think JBA Auction hall No. 1 with the most units and branches spread across Indonesia, providing good service."
Muhammad Windi
Buyer from Jakarta - Tipar
"I have been a member of JBA for 1 year, I think JBA is an auction hall with a good market price, and the JBA auction hall is well known to the public."
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