About PT JBA Indonesia Trust, safety, practical and comfort are our mottos in providing professional services and creating business partners and customers satisfaction.

About JBA

Our company is engaged in the field of auctions, especially for automotive products such as cars and motorcycles. PT. JBA Indonesia is one of the foreign companies in the field of auction with large-scale enterprise headquartered in Japan. We were established in Indonesia on 16 November 2011, and won awards as the best innovation auctioneer in 2013 and 2014. Trusted, safe, practical and comfortable is our motto in providing professional services and creating business partners and customers satisfaction.

Furthermore, we support the needs of each of our customers by building a system that is reliable, accurate, and real-time. Our customers can find the complete and detail information through our website with a competitive price and physical pictures of each unit to be auctioned. With a user friendly website, based on the data, 60% of our website visitors can access via smartphone.

Corporate Profile

Company name
Head Office
Jl.Topaz BT No.77,JAKARTA (LOTTE MART Meruya)
Branch Office
Check Location
November 2011

Auction Data

Motorcycle Car
2011 1,640 Units 0 Unit
2012 15,884 Units 1,870 Units
2013 23,345 Units 6,587 Unit
2014 39,743 Units 13,149 Units
2015 51,371 Units 31,295 Units
2016 52,327 Units 43,604 Units
2017 56,777 Units 44,678 Units
2018 70,213 Unit 52,718 Unit

The advantage of JBA

Why we are the best partner for your company:

JBA is the largest car and motorcycle auction company in Indonesia. (JBA has 16 branches located throughout the country and continuously expanding)
JBA Group is experienced in world class car and motorcycle auction business. (JBA Group has branches engaged in the auction in several countries)
JBA Group deals car and motorcycle auction in large scale. (Our auctions exhibit up to more than 500+ vehicles each time)
Visitors can easily access all information of the auction from the JBA website. (JBA website acquires more than 4 million page views every month)

PT. JBA Indonesia is a certified auctioneers institute from Ministry of Finance of Indonesia.

As an auctioneer owned by foreign entity, the legality of company is the most important thing to ensure the convenience to all parties such as business partners, customers, and other parties interested in this auction.

We have obtained a license from the Directorate General of State Assets Management (DJKN) at the Ministry of Finance to formulate and implement policies and technical standardization in auction, by the decree number 87/KM. 6/2011 on July 5, 2011.

PT. JBA Indonesia won awards as the best innovation auction company since 2013

It is an honor to get an award from the Ministry of Finance as the best innovation auction company since 2013 due to our integrated system for connecting all participants online and offline.

The advanced system makes the PT. JBA Indonesia the only company providing fastest service in Indonesia or in other words One Day Service.

We provide a practical and fast services proudly. On the same day, the customer can check the condition of unit before the auction, when the desired unit is already won, the customer can take the unit home as soon as they settle the payment so the customers who come from outside the city does not spend more time in Jakarta.

Provide a convenient service for buyers.
Clean vehicle (Car/Motorcycle).
Vehicle (Car/Motorcycle) inspection.

PT. JBA Indonesia has an integrated system with automatic pricing

JBA has a team that updates the prices of the vehicles everyday. The updated price list can be accessed by our members and is very useful especially for financing institutions. By knowing the updated price of vehicle then the finance team can provide the right value to the customers. We currently have approximately 60,000 price data of motorcycle and 15,000 price data of car that consists of various types and years of vehicles constantly updated every day.

Sophisticated website that display pictures of all the units that will be auctioned.

When customers have limited times to visit the open house, our website is able to display images of units that will be auctioned each week along with the complete information regarding the condition of units.

Live bidding is offered to customers who can not attend the auction in person.

JBA is the first and currently the only institution which has online auction system. Those who visit our auction site are not the only buyers, anyone on the internet can be the potential buyers with our online auction system wherever they are. With the increasing number of auction participants, the vehicles can more likely be sold with a best price.

With the online auction system, auctions can be held in several cities at the same time with prices shown on the website corresponsding to the prices at the offline auction.


"JBA auction always gets higher bids. They have great services, and everything is complete."
Alex - Jakarta
"Got a car with the best price, thank you JBA."
Mukidi - Semarang