Caring for Brake Oil, Here's How!

News picture Caring for Brake Oil, Here's How!
date_range 2021-10-18
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Caring for Brake Oil, Here's How!

PT JBA Indonesia - Understanding the components in a car is indeed important, because it can help us in maintaining and repairing these components. One of the most important components of a car is the brakes.

We certainly understand how brakes work. The brake function is indeed the most important safety factor in driving. One thing that must be considered on the brakes is to change the brake fluid on time. The function of brake fluid is to lubricate the disc and lining components, both of which will rub against each other to stop the car.

Do not let us as vehicle owners irregularly change brake fluid, because it can be fatal. Brake performance with brake fluid conditions that are already bad will make the brakes not function optimally, in severe cases it can cause the brakes to malfunction.

For changing the brake fluid itself, it is already in every manual. The change of brake fluid depends on the specifications of each car. But the standard brake fluid is replaced every 20,000 km or every 2 years.

The use of brake fluid must also be in accordance with the specifications of the car used. Because not all cars use the same brake fluid specifications. The boiling point of brake fluid is different for each specification. For cars in Indonesia, the majority of brake fluid used for cars today is DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid.

Pretty easy isn't it how to care for brake fluid? Even though it's easy, sometimes we neglect to check our car's brake fluid. Now we know the importance of taking care of brake fluid in a car. We have to take care of this important component.

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