How to Sell



Profits of selling cars and motorcycles through JBA Indonesia

  • PT JBA Indonesia promotes units from various media both print, online and telephoning.
  • The unit sales process is done transparently.
  • Our appraisal team will provide a price recommendation service so that unit owners are not wrong in determining the price limit.
  • The prices formed are competitive.
  • Online bidding facilities are available to customers so the chances of selling units are very high as they can be offered nationally.
  • Security systems are available 24 hours a day.
  • Strategic location and ample parking.
  • PT JBA indonesia provides services to customers quickly and practically.
The owner of the vehicle contacted the JBA Team.
Signing / MoU between vehicle owner and PT JBA Indonesia.
The JBA team checked the condition of the vehicle.
The vehicle is auctioned in accordance with the lot number that has been determined.
The seller accepts payment from the vehicle auction (done within 6 working days after the auction).

Before the auction

  • 1 Please contact the Customer Service Team of PT JBA Indonesia and make sure you have a vehicle unit (car / motorcycle) that you want to auction or sell.
  • 2 Customers come directly to the JBA to discuss and explain the cooperation agreement (MOU) following the mechanism, commission and other conditions as well as the delivery of the vehicle to be auctioned.
  • 3 The JBA team will check the condition of the vehicle to be auctioned in accordance with the conditions upon receipt.
  • 4 The JBA team will provide feedback / recommendations on the basic price (limit) of the vehicle after the JBA Team looks at the condition of the vehicle, the final base price remains yours to decide.

At auction

  • 1 Your vehicle will be auctioned based on the lot number provided by the PT Team. JBA Indonesia

After auction

  • 1 H + 1 after the auction is over, PT JBA Indonesia will send you an auction report.
  • 2 6 working days after auction, PT JBA Indonesia will provide payment from the auction / sale of your vehicle.
  • 3 An official report will be provided later.
  • 4 Vehicle units that have not been sold at auction can be picked up or re-entered at a later auction with the JBA Team confirming to the unit owner.
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