Avoid These 5 Problems Due to Late Oil Change

News picture Avoid These 5 Problems Due to Late Oil Change
date_range 2021-08-13
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Avoid These 5 Problems Due to Late Oil Change

PT JBA Indonesia - Oil or lubricant is an important part in supporting the performance of a motorized engine, be it a car or a motorcycle. In fact, many problems that may arise due to frequent delays in changing the oil. What are the risks that can happen to your vehicle if you are often late for an oil change, here are 5 risks you need to avoid:

1.Decreased Engine Performance
Oil serves as a lubricant in the vehicle engine. If the oil is changed too late, the oil will turn thicker and darker in color. This makes the lubricant unable to work optimally, so the engine performance also cannot work optimally.

The sound of the engine will sound harsh, the engine will feel heavy, and worst of all, the vehicle will be difficult to start.

2.Machine Heat Fast
The oil acts as an engine coolant. If the oil is not replaced, the quality of the oil will decrease, so the ability of the oil to cool the engine is also reduced. An engine that overheats quickly can damage other components. One of the characteristics is the appearance of smoke in the component.

3. Fuel consumption becomes wasteful
Because oil can make the engine pull heavier, it will automatically use more fuel for the engine.

4.Machine Components Broken
Oil that is rarely changed can also become dirty. Because a lot of engine activity makes the oil dirty. Dirt in the oil that is left and settles can make the engine damaged, especially on the pistons and cylinders.

Dirt in the oil also makes the oil circulation not run smoothly due to a blockage. Because of this damage, the engine life of the vehicle will be shorter than it should be.

5. Material Loss
Finally, if all engine components are damaged just because of oil, then material losses will occur. You have to spend money to repair the damage to the machine. And the cost of repairing this machine can be much more expensive than the cost of routine maintenance.

Well, you already know that it's not dangerous to be late for an oil change and of course, you don't want your favorite car or motorcycle to be damaged just because of oil. So, from now on, let's change the oil regularly according to the needs of your car or motorcycle!

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