How To Buy



Before attending the auction, participants are required to read and understand the rules and procedures of the auction.
Auctioneer Candidates can view the list of Car or Motorcycle Auction units on the official website of PT JBA INDONESIA
Auctioneer Candidates perform car or motor unit checks during the Open House period.
Auctioneer Candidates submit a security deposit (5 Million Cars, 1 Million Motorcycles).
Participants follow the Car or Motorcycle Auction to get the vehicle of interest.
Participants who win the Auction, will pay the repayment fee no later than 5 working days after the Auction. Participants can pick up the unit and vehicle documents after payment.
If you lose the Auction, the participant can take back the guarantee money (100% without deduction).

During open house

  • 1 During the open house event, fans are given the opportunity to check the physical & document of the unit to be auctioned, at the time the auction is no longer allowed to see the auction object. Fans are encouraged to fill out and sign the guestbook, as proof of attendance and have inspected the auction object.
  • 2 Open house visitors are prohibited from taking or damaging or moving attributes, numbers, writing or signs affixed to the auction object.

Condition of auctioned object

  • 1 Auctioneers understand and agree that the auctioned unit is "as is" at auction.
  • 2 The auctioneer has checked / understood / acknowledged the physical condition of the unit and document of the auction object. If there is a defect or defect both visible and not fully visible becomes the risk of the auction winner.
  • 1 To facilitate auction enthusiasts, a list of lots is provided that contains information about the auction unit that can be used as a guide in choosing an auction unit. If there is a discrepancy between the lot list and the highlight image displayed at auction, then the final physical specification at auction will be a reference.
  • 1 The list of auction lots cannot be used as a basis for objections or claims on winning units.

Before the auction

  • 1 Security deposit is sent or transferred via:
    • a. Bank Mandiri or BCA virtual account that will be obtained by auction participants after registering.
    • b. Transfer to BCA account 526-531-2800 on behalf of PT JBA Indonesia.
  • 2 deposits can also be deposited using a virtual account
  • 3 Participants can register as auction participants to the auction committee in each city where PT JBA Indonesia is located.
  • 4 Fans who have deposited the security deposit must submit the original security deposit slip and photo copy of ID card or other identification mark to obtain the auction participant's Master Number (NIPL) at the registration counter of PT JBA Indonesia.

At auction

  • 1 Only auction participants who have the Auction Participant Master Number (NIPL) can apply.
  • 2 Auction bidding is done orally with a fluctuating system by the auction office to be assisted by the auction driver.
  • 3 The auction will be opened at the base price and then increased by a multiplier of Rp 500.000 (five hundred thousand rupiah) for CAR and multiples of Rp 100.000 (one hundred thousand rupiah) for MOTOR.
  • 4 The auction winner is the participant who submits the highest bid price and will be determined as the winner of the auction with a hammer knock by the auction driver.
  • 5 The auction winner is solely responsible for what he bids and he wins.
  • 6 Participants who are considered to be disrupting the auction process will be disqualified / removed from the auction event.

After auction

  • 1 The winner of the AUCTION is charged an admin fee of Rp 3.000.000, - (three million rupiah) / Unit, specifically for CAR prices above Rp 500.000.000 (five hundred million) is charged an admin fee 0.6% of the price formed and the Winner of the Motorbike Auction is Rp 750.000, - (seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) for each unit won, specifically for the Motorcycle Price above Rp 50.000.000 is chraged an admin fee 0.6% of the price formed.
  • 2 The administrative fees for the auction that have been paid by the Winning Bidder are non-refundable under any circumstances, even in the event of physical rejection and claims regarding ownership documents of the auctioned item.
  • 3 The auction winner must pay the total auction price no later than 5 (five) business days from the date of the auction.
  • 4 The auction winner who has paid the auction price and is effective / accepted in the account of a / n PT JBA Indonesia, can submit documents and vehicles by showing proof of original transfer.
  • 5 The winner of the auction who disqualifies the winning unit or does not pay the payment within the stipulated time, then the winner is declared successful (the victory is void) and the burnt money is considered as penalty (fine).
  • 6 All participants are required to return the unbeaten NIPL to the auction committee. Every NIPL that is lost will be fined Rp 100.000, - (One hundred thousand rupiah).
  • 7 The auction committee (PT JBA Indonesia) will not refund the guarantee of the losing participant if they do not return the rest of the NIPL.
  • 8 The refund of the security deposit will be processed in the form of a transfer with a period of 3 (Three) business days for BCA accounts and 5 (five) business days for accounts other than BCA, calculated since submission of the guarantee refund application by the auction participant by submitting the NIPL, the original guarantee payment receipt (receipt) and the guarantee refund application form. For ONLINE auction participants the security deposit will be transferred to the same account number as the sender's account number at the time of payment of the security deposit.
  • 9 For refund of excess payment will be processed by bank transfer within 7 (seven) business days after filing the excess payment.
  • 10 Refunds will be transferred to the participant's account according to the account number listed on the registration form.
  • 11 Customers who include account numbers other than BCA and Mandiri for a refund of the security deposit are required to attach a passbook cover.
  • 12 For participants who win more than 1 (one) lot, they must pay off all the lots won and the total deposit will be accumulated at the end of the settlement.
  • 13 If up to 2 (two) working days after the settlement limit has been determined, the winner has not yet been drawn, then a deposit fee of Rp 50.000 (fifty thousand rupiah) per car unit and Rp 25.000 (twenty five thousand rupiah) per unit will be charged. motor for each day of delay, provided that any damage or loss is the sole responsibility of the winner. The unit can only be taken after the care fee is paid in full.

Other provisions

  • 1 Costs incurred in the event of a transfer of rights or the return / transfer of a vehicle are the responsibility of the winner.
  • 2 Registration, amortization, acquisition of units and acquisition of documents may not be delegated unless accompanied by a signed power of attorney accompanied by the original ID card of the winner and his / her authority.
  • 3 The auction object cannot be exchanged in part or in whole with any other object or auction object.
  • 4 Auctioneers who do not perform physical checks and or unit documents at auction, are advised not to bid, to avoid losses of their own participants.
  • 5 Auctioneers to pick up the final lot list at auction time in anticipation of the change.
  • 6 The applicable Police / Plate Number is the vehicle number listed on the Lot catalog / label.
  • 7 Special frame number complaints And machine numbers no later than 1 (one) month from the auction date.
  • 8 Complaints of blocked BPKB, duplicate BPKB and BPKB have not been in BBN (Return Name) at least 3 (three) months from the auction date.
  • 9 The JBA is not responsible for technical or personal errors in the system used by auctioneers when bidding online.
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