Want to Buy a Used Yamaha NMAX? You should check this component

News picture Want to Buy a Used Yamaha NMAX? You should check this component
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Want to Buy a Used Yamaha NMAX? You should check this component

JBA - Since it first launched in the Indonesian automotive market, the popularity of Yamaha NMAX until now has never faded at all. This will not only affect the new model but also to the used Yamaha NMAX.

Even in some showrooms that sell used motorcycles in the Tanjung Priok area, North Jakarta. The stock of used Yamaha NMAX motorcycle sold out empty alias.

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One showroom salesperson explained that if only 3 days ago, Yamaha NMAX stock that was available in the showroom had been sold.

"The last unit was only bought 3 days ago, Mas," said Madi, as reported by the Otoseken page.

According to Madi, for hunters of used Yamaha NMAX, it is better to check some components before he brings the Yamaha NMAX resale.

"If you really want to buy, you better Mas, check first for the speedometer. If you want to buy an ABS, of course, you need to check the ABS indicator on the speedometer, so don't get it wrong. I also suggest that you just take ABS because it's safer, "explained Madi again.

Yamaha NMAX itself is sold with two different variants, which are already equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and non-ABS systems.

ABS variant itself was chosen because according to him a motor that has been equipped with an ABS system will be faster and more stable when braking when compared to non-ABS. This certainly can reduce the risk of accidents due to skid tires when driving.

In addition to the ABS variant, other components that need to be checked when buying a used Yamaha NMAX are the engine parts. According to him Madi, if the used NMAX engine is noisy, it can be ascertained if the engine has a problem because it is often used for long trips.

"Including this machine part, mas, it needs to be checked as well. If you often make the road far, then this part is often noisy. It should be replaced immediately at the official workshop, "he explained.

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The machine part that Madi meant was a tensioner mounted on the Yamaha NMAX.

Based on Yamaha NMAX community groups residing on Facebook, it seems that noisy tensioners are indeed a problem that often occurs in NMAX resale because it is often used for long trips.

In the used market, Yamaha NMAX is priced quite affordable, which is Rp. 19 million for the 2015 alert and Rp. 24 million for the 2018 alert. How? You are interested to get it? Just join the JBA auction!

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