Used NMAX Prices Down, Know the Disease First Before Buying!

News picture Used NMAX Prices Down, Know the Disease First Before Buying!
date_range 2020-02-21
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Used NMAX Prices Down, Know the Disease First Before Buying!

JBA - Yamaha NMAX used to date is still a public idol as a vehicle in carrying out daily activities, especially with the release of the latest All New NMAX in early 2020 yesterday.

With the launch of the latest Nmax, making the price of used Yamaha NMAX down so that the price is quite affordable. This is what ultimately made many people look for it.

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However, like other used motorcycles. This superior product of Yamaha NMAX has several problems that are often complained of by their owners.

Well, before you make up for it, it would be nice for you to know several diseases that often attack this vehicle, including:

Rear Brake Pad Fast Discharge

One complaint that often occurs by most owners of used Yamaha NMAX is a rear brake lining that is quickly exhausted.

This complaint was not denied by the head of the Yamaha workshop in the Jatiwaringin region, Dimas Choirul who said that most Yamaha NMAX motorcycles that came to his workshop often complained about the fast rear brake lining.

"Mostly complain about it because the rear brake lining runs out quickly," said Dimas.

According to Dimas, this happened because of the behavior of the user of the vehicle, where his hand was often attached to the rear brake lever so that he was unconsciously attracted and made the brake lining at the rear quickly wear out.

Hard Rear Suspension

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Another complaint that is often complained about and occurs in used NMAX is the hard rear suspension. To overcome this, you can replace the suspension using aftermarket products that are widely scattered in various auto parts stores scattered in your area.

Broken Chain Tensioner Broken

If you want a legacy Yamaha NMAX production in 2015 - 2016, you should check the chain tension tensioner. Because most of the owners of the Yamaha NMAX alert often experience broken keteng chain tensioners. The indications you can find with the appearance of rough noise on the left engine.

"If you have to replace it, the price is in the range of Rp. 100,000, how come, guaranteed durable," said one of the owners of Yamaha NMAX Indra Aditya, as reported by page.

The Back Light Bulb Is Often Disconnected

Another problem that is often complained of is that the rear light bulbs often break with a fairly fast life. To overcome this, Indra provided a solution by replacing the bulb lamp with an LED lamp.

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