Tips to Overcome Stress When Traffic Loss When Backflow Eid

News picture Tips to Overcome Stress When Traffic Loss When Backflow Eid
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Tips to Overcome Stress When Traffic Loss When Backflow Eid

JBA - Lebaran holidays have been completed, various moments with relatives and friends in the hometown have become their own stories and certainly memorable moments every Lebaran trip.

Now it's time for you to return to your activities and productivity as before. However, before doing your activities, you must face the backflow of Eid, which of course is always filled with traffic jams and congestion.

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In addition to determining the right travel time, you also need to pay attention to the following tips so as not to feel stressed during the trip backward Lebaran, among others, namely:

Culinary Trip

Unlike the flow of homecoming, where you are required to keep fasting when traveling. This certainly does not make you free to just stop and enjoy culinary in every city you pass. However, this does not apply when the backflow, you and your family can taste the unique culinary delights of the various cities that you pass on the homecoming route.

Visiting Nearby Attractions

When you are in a state of severe congestion, it will certainly make you stressed. To overcome this, you can visit various nearby tourist sites that you pass by just to take a break or relax your muscles while traveling or enjoying the natural beauty that is around you.

Do simple games

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To overcome boredom and boredom in a vehicle during a traffic jam, you can do a few simple games with your family, such as doing a "basic ABC 5" game that requires you to search for objects or objects beginning with a predetermined alphabet and various games others.

Staycation in Your City Stop by

Heavy traffic flow when backflow can certainly make you feel tired easily. If this is allowed, it certainly can increase the potential for accidents. Therefore, if you feel tired, then it never hurts to spend the night in the city where you stop while unwind. Use your smartphone to find the closest accommodations with good quality and friendly prices for your pocket.

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