Safe Homecoming Using a Motorcycle, Pay Attention to These Tips

News picture Safe Homecoming Using a Motorcycle, Pay Attention to These Tips
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Safe Homecoming Using a Motorcycle, Pay Attention to These Tips

JBA - Homecoming is one of the traditions of the Indonesian people every year, where there are millions of travelers who will later travel to their hometown through various routes, starting from land, sea and air.

However, whatever route is taken, going home usually takes a considerable distance and is carried out for a long time. Therefore, before you leave, there are several things that you need to pay attention to, starting from food intake and sleep patterns.

Among the various modes of transportation that are often used by travelers, motorbikes are the most widely used type of vehicle. Even though the government has suggested that travelers do not choose motorbikes as a mode of transportation for their homecoming, this type of vehicle is still chosen because of various considerations, such as relatively cheap and fast.

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Based on data, the number of travelers who use motorbikes continues to increase every year. If in 2014, the number of travelers using motorbikes was 2.5 million people, then in 2016 the number would increase to 4.7 million, then in 2017 and 2018, the number had increased sharply to more than 6 million.

Even so, this vehicle is a type of transportation with the highest number of homecoming accidents each year, with a percentage of 75 percent.

Therefore, to avoid the risk of accidents, you need to know some tips on going home safely using a motorcycle taken from various reliable sources.

1. Physical

Before you make a trip back and forth, you should prepare your physical to stay excellent while driving. Therefore, to keep your physique in shape during your trip, you should rest every 2 hours at rest intervals, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. When resting, you should stretch to relax the muscles. But the most important thing before making a trip back and forth using a motorcycle is to prepare driving equipment, ranging from letters, raincoat, helmets, jackets, and gloves.

2. Time

Besides being physical, another factor that you need to pay attention to is your departure time. If you are going home close to Eid, then of course you will be faced with heavy traffic which will certainly drain your physical, and you should avoid going for long trips using motorbikes at night, but it is advisable to travel at dawn. Because, at that time the body is in shape as long as you have enough sleep.

3. Bringing Sufficient Goods

If you go home, you should bring enough items, and not too much, especially if you have heavy weight and large size. In addition, make sure if your luggage does not cover the number plate and block the lights and interfere with the operation of the steering which can certainly endanger the driver. If you want to keep carrying a lot of things, then you should use a freight service that is certainly safer.

4. Plan the Route

Before going home, you should have planned the route that you will take. This is to measure the time and distance you will travel. In addition, you should also plan for various alternative routes, considering that the volume of vehicles on the main line will be very high so that it will cause congestion and increase the risk of accidents.

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To find the trip route back and forth, you can take advantage of various online map applications that are already available, such as Waze and Google Maps. This is because both applications are able to display the safest and most convenient routes in real time.

5. Don't Haste

When traveling back and forth, you should not be too hasty, enjoy your entire trip back and forth and do not ever force yourself. In addition, if you feel tired or sleepy, then you should rest. Obey traffic signs and never violate these signs so there are no unwanted things.

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