5 Matic Motorcycle Brands That Are Suitable For Friendship During Eid

News picture 5 Matic Motorcycle Brands That Are Suitable For Friendship During Eid
date_range 2019-05-21
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5 Matic Motorcycle Brands That Are Suitable For Friendship During Eid

JBA - Along with the several models and types of motorbikes in the Indonesian automotive market, the matic motorbike is the most used vehicle and chosen by the Indonesian people to stay in touch with relatives.

The following are some of the most economical fuel-efficient motorbike recommendations and can be a choice of vehicles when Eid or stay in touch with your relatives in your hometown, including:

1. Honda Vario 150 Esp

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This motorcycle is the most superior in its class and is the most sought after by the community because of fuel efficiency. In addition, this vehicle is also equipped with a liquid cooling system that can help the engine save fuel. This motorcycle is also equipped with Idling Stop System (ISS), which functions to turn off and turn on the engine automatically which is done in just seconds.

2. Honda Vario 110 Esp

Honda is known as one of the automotive manufacturers that produces economical and best quality motorbikes. By using Honda Vario 110 Esp, your perfect trip will certainly be easier. Moreover, this motorbike has been equipped with air conditioning and ESP technology which makes this motorcycle capable of traveling up to 62 km using only 1 liter of fuel.

3. Honda Scoopy Esp

You can choose a motorcycle with a retro design to stay in touch with relatives. Besides being able to reduce wasted energy contained in your vehicle, it can also optimize the performance of the motorcycle. Scoopy Esp has been equipped with CBS, PGM-FI technology and ISS technology which serves to cut exhaust emissions and fuel consumption when the motor is idle.

4. Honda Beat Esp

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Honda Beat, is one of the most economical motorcycles in the 110-115 cc class for Eid. In addition, this Honda-made motorcycle is also equipped with Esp technology combined with the injection combustion system (PGM-FI) which makes the vehicle's engine more powerful.

5. Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core

One of the motorcycles made by Yamaha is known to be able to ease the riders to be able to control fuel consumption. In addition, this matic motorbike also offers a modern and stylish design so that it is suitable when used to stay in touch with your relatives.

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