Consider This Before Homecoming Using a Private Car

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Consider This Before Homecoming Using a Private Car

JBA - Eid holiday period is widely used by Indonesian people to prepare for going home. One of them is preparing transportation to be used when going home, whether using a private car or using a tourist bus.

Homecoming using a private car or tourism bus each offers several benefits, both in terms of time to comfort.

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If going home using a private car, you will get several benefits, such as in terms of a more efficient time, and can reach tourist attractions that you want to reach easily.

Unlike private cars, going home using a tourist bus also offers several benefits, such as a high level of comfort, and getting a discounted ticket price is cheaper.

Even so, many Indonesian people prefer to use private cars as a means of transportation for going home. However, before committing homecoming Eid, you need to prepare some important tips in preparing the car before being invited to travel far, among others, namely:

Machine oil

Before going home to your hometown, you should check your car's engine oil. If indeed it's time to be replaced, then you should immediately replace it before making the trip back and forth.

Transmission and Differential Oil

In addition to engine oil, transmission oil and axle drives also need to be considered before you travel far. You should check the manual to find out the second oil change interval.


Long-distance homecoming certainly needs careful preparation to avoid undesirable things. One part that you need to check is a machine belt. If the belt is torn or cracked, then you should replace it with a new one.


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This part is very important for your car, especially this part can reduce the occurrence of overheat engines. Therefore, you should check the water level of your vehicle radiator, and make sure if the radiator reservoir that is behind the hood has been filled according to the level.


The wiper is an important part of the car. If you experience brittle, then you should immediately replace the part. Selsin, also make sure that the water spray has worked well and at a predetermined point.

Tire Pressure and Tread

Another important part that you need to pay attention to is tires. Before going home, you should check the wind pressure on your car tire with the manufacturer's recommendations printed on the driver's side door. Because, if the tire pressure is low, it will make fuel consumption more wasteful and hotter due to excessive friction from the road.

Braking System

Before traveling back and forth using a car, check the condition of your car's brake fluid. Check and make sure the brake reservoir is filled until it shows a 'full' sign. If your car's brake fluid has never been drained in two or three years, it should be replaced and filled with new brake fluid. because, if the brake fluid is loaded with water, it will cut the fluid boiling point which can cause the brake pedal to become slippery so that the brakes are not able to work optimally.

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