Seven Tips for Buying a Vehicle Auction for Beginners

News picture Seven Tips for Buying a Vehicle Auction for Beginners
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Seven Tips for Buying a Vehicle Auction for Beginners

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Buying a used car through the purchase of auctions is now increasingly in demand by the public. Related to auction halls that are known to routinely hold used car auction types with a variety of conditions. However, it is recommended that your strategy does not follow the auction steps, it is necessary for you who are new to the auction like this. Deny Gunawan, Chief Operating Officer of JBA BidWin Auction (JBA), an auction company with 18 branches in Indonesia, gave 7 tips for a used car auction:

1. More Choices

One of the advantages of trading at an automotive auction is that you get more choices of vehicles at more competitive prices with diverse vehicle conditions. To be sure, auction centers that ensure the safety of their customers always involve legal entities. Dey said, JBA always involves state auction officials at every auction event.

2. There are also trucks or buses

Most people consider vehicle auctions only for private vehicles such as motorcycles and used cars. However, in reality, various other types of four-wheeled vehicles were also auctioned off, such as buses and trucks. The choice of types of buses and trucks included is usually diverse, from various years of production, payload, to size.

3. Check the physical vehicle directly

The thing that must be done when buying a used vehicle through an auction is to check the condition of the vehicle directly in accordance with the information contained in the document. Usually, the auction hall will inspect the vehicle before it is auctioned. Deny Gunawan said, all vehicles to be auctioned through the auction hall through the inspection process of vehicle engines, interior and exterior vehicles to be informed to prospective buyers as well as to get the auction base price. If you are interested in selling a vehicle through an auction, you will get a recommended price according to the condition of the vehicle.

4. Check the document

In addition to checking the condition of the targeted vehicle before the auction, you are also strongly advised to check important documents, such as the condition of the BPKB and tax year, order number and engine number of the vehicle.

5. Double-check the market price

Choose a place and schedule the best time to take part in the auction so that you are not in a hurry in choosing the targeted vehicle. If so, double-check the market prices of motorcycles, cars, trucks, or buses that you want in advance, and compare them with the price list so that you have a standard and know the price limits obtained when submitting auctions.

6. Determine the budget

When the auction is taking place, don't be too aggressive when bidding, do it slowly and wait a moment so that you get the best price and offer in buying. This is an important step so you don't get emotional. Each auction has a different increase, depending on the auction hall you are participating in.

7. Can also sell vehicles through auctions

If you are interested in selling used vehicles, you can contact the auction house. Dany said, in JBA, interested parties will invite discussions and discuss cooperation agreements along with mechanisms, commissions, and other provisions related to auctions. After reaching an agreement, the JBA team will inspect the vehicle to be auctioned according to the conditions upon receipt. The JBA Team will look at the condition of the vehicle and the base price to provide a recommended auction price. The decision on the auction base price remains with the seller. If your vehicle is sold, in less than 7 days, the funds from the auction will be directly transferred.


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