5 CVT Signs Your used motorbike must be replaced

News picture 5 CVT Signs Your used motorbike must be replaced
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5 CVT Signs Your used motorbike must be replaced

Jakarta – Automatic motorbikes are the prima donna in Indonesia, this type of motorbike is very practical and flexible in all fields. Riders don't have to bother pulling the clutch lever and stepping on the gear lever, just turning the gas lever, the motorbike can run. Currently, various used automatic motorbikes are also an option because they can be obtained at affordable prices but still have good performance and acceleration. JBA is one of the automotive auction houses that trades various brands of used automatic motorbikes with various performances so that JBA consumers have a variety of attractive choices.


After buying a used matic motorbike, it is important for you to take care of the used motorbike CVT. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is useful for making used automatic motorbikes run. However, CVT can be damaged even though these components can work automatically. If, the used automatic motorbike has caused various problems such as causing a strange sound when turned on until the used automatic motorbikes crashes at any time. This requires you to immediately replace the used motorbike CVT with a new one, because it can affect your comfort and safety while driving. Here are five signs that your used motorcycle CVT should be replaced immediately:


  1. Appearance of sound and vibration from the roller.

The roller is one of the important components in the CVT which functions to create pressure on the pulley so it can move. Generally, rollers are aged up to a driving distance of 20,000-24,000 Km. If it has exceeded that age, the used motor roller has worn out. If the roller is damaged, it will make a sound at the front of the CVT.


  1. Pulley/roller housing that is dented

In addition to rollers that can be damaged, the roller housing can also be dented as a result of used automatic motorbikes carrying excessive loads when driving.


  1. Acceleration of used matic motorbikes choked up

If you already feel the motor is stifling as if it has run out of gas, then this is a sign that the CVT motor is worn out. If you have added lubricant to the used CVT automatic motorbike, but the used automatic motorbike is still stuck, then there is an indication that the CVT clutch bowl is damaged and must be replaced.


If you don't immediately replace the used automatic motorbike CVT, then the speed of your used automatic motorbike can decrease drastically as if the engine is off.


  1. The appearance of noise / buzzing on the V-belt

The V-belt has a role like a motorcycle chain that connects the gear in the crankcase with the gear in the rear wheels. With such an important role, if it is damaged and is not replaced immediately, it can be fatal, namely breaking up at any time while driving.


  1. Leaking motor oil

Used matic motor oil leaks can also be an indication that the CVT is damaged. If oil is allowed to leak or seep just like that, over time the quantity of oil in the motor will decrease and even run out completely. Of course this will hamper engine performance and make it not work optimally. Leaking oil can also contaminate the floor or even the road you are walking on, so that it can endanger other motorists.


So, those are five signs that your used CVT automatic motorbike must be replaced immediately so that you can avoid various obstacles while driving. Routine maintenance and servicing greatly affects the condition of your used automatic motorbike. Not only that, the condition of used automatic motorbikes can also affect the grade of the motorbike at JBA. If you want to buy a used automatic motorbike according to the conditions you want, you can click here or you can call CS JBA at 021 1500 39.

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