Calm down, this is how to deal with used motorbikes that have broken down on the road

News picture Calm down, this is how to deal with used motorbikes that have broken down on the road
date_range 2022-12-20
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Calm down, this is how to deal with used motorbikes that have broken down on the road

Jakarta - Used motorbikes that break down on the street are very annoying, because you have to push your used motorbike to the repair shop and pay additional fees. It turns out that this incident was also caused because you rarely service and maintain your used motorbike. Well-maintained used motorbikes not only make you comfortable driving, of course they have high selling power so that these used motorbikes can get a good grade at the JBA auction house. JBA doesn't only sell used motorbikes with various conditions, so all your used motorbikes still have marketability, even though a good grade still determines the interest of buyers.


So here's how to deal with used motorbikes that break down on the road:

  1. Strike due to damaged spark plugs.

If the used motorbike breaks down it is caused by a broken spark plug. The first way is to check the condition of the spark plug whether it is still working or not. You can do this by cleaning the spark plug head by rubbing it, then starting the used motorbike engine while bringing the spark plug closer to the engine part.


If a blue spark occurs, the spark plug is still working and can be reinstalled immediately. But if not, then you should replace a new spark plug, because that means the spark plug is no longer working.


You should also check the spark plug hose. If the spark plug can still function, but the engine cannot start, it means that there is dirt clogged in it, so that the spark cannot reach the engine.


  1. Strike due to engine overheating.

The most important way is that you can rest the engine by stopping the vehicle, until the engine is completely cold. Then, you can apply a little oil or lubricant to the spark plug hole to lubricate the piston which is clogged and causes the used motor to break down. After that, you can restart the machine.


  1. Strike due to running out of fuel.

The way to anticipate a used motorbike that has been halting until it crashes due to running out of gas is to fill it up as soon as possible. If the used motorcycle fuel indicator is off, you can anticipate this by checking the gas tank by opening it first.


  1. Strike due to improper valve.

This often happens if you always take a used motorbike to an unofficial repair shop. Usually a valve that is too tight or just not right causes the motor to crash and the engine turns off constantly, so the engine will overheat or overheat quickly. The best way is to take your used motorbike to an authorized repair shop to have them install the valves properly.


  1. The strike was caused by a dirty used motor filter

The air filter has a very large function, which is to filter and also help prevent dirt and dust from mixing. If your motorbike filter is dirty, it will make the used motorbike break down even more and the engine cannot work properly, and the gas pull will also be heavier. So it's a good idea to replace or clean the filter.


So, there are 5 ways to deal with your used motorbike that is breaking down. If you feel confused and want to ask questions regarding the condition of used motorbikes, don't hesitate to ask FI JBA and CS JBA.


Come on, join the auction at JBA! You can get your dream usedmotorbikes easily, safely and comfortably. For other vehicle information, click here or contact CS JBA at 021 1500 369.

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