Press Air Pollution, Premium and Pertalite Threatened to be Removed

News picture Press Air Pollution, Premium and Pertalite Threatened to be Removed
date_range 2019-08-19
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Press Air Pollution, Premium and Pertalite Threatened to be Removed

JBA - For the sake of reducing high air pollution in several regions in Indonesia, especially in DKI Jakarta. The Committee for the Elimination of Leaded Gasoline (KPBB) proposed that the production and sale of low-octane vehicle fuel, such as Premium 88, Pertalite 90, Solar 48, and Dexlite be stopped. This is because these types of fuels are quite high in contributing to air pollution.

"In addition to causing high vehicle exhaust emissions, low-quality fuel also has the potential to damage vehicle engines," said Executive Director of the KPBB, Ahmad Safrudin, as reported by page.

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Ahmad also explained that until now the biggest contributor to pollution in Jakarta is the motorcycle. This is because the number of motorcycle users is higher compared to other vehicles.

Responding to the discourse on the cessation of Premium and Pertalite production by the KPBB, several online motorcycle taxi drivers expressed their opinions. According to them, if this happens, then of course there will be considerable turmoil, especially for online motorcycle taxi drivers (ojol).

Some drivers state that if there is a halt in production, it is necessary to adjust the tariff again, bearing in mind the cost of fuel expenditure is quite calculated, and of course also affects revenue.

"If Pertalite is abolished, then there should be another tariff adjustment for ojol. Because, of course, the expenditure will be higher. So for one day, which is currently only Rp. 20,000, it can be Rp. 35,000, "said Syahrul, one of the online motorcycle taxi drivers.

The same expression was also said by Deddy, an ojol driver from Bekasi. According to him, until now Pertalite fuel is still good enough to be used by the latest output motorbikes. According to Deddy, currently he does not see the potential problems that will come, apart from the price.

"For Pertalite, I think it's fine. In fact, I suggest that exceptions be made for people who can use Pertalite. So do not really just cut it off, because the impact will be very large, "explained Deddy.

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Responding to the issue of the discourse on the elimination of Premium and Pertalite fuels, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency, Andono Warih stated that this was not an effective way to restore air quality in Jakarta.

"If it's about that I don't agree. After all, we already have the policy too, where the Euro IV standard has begun adopting the standard. So what needs to be implemented is the standard. But it also needs a variety, such as automotive technology must also be compatible. Now, is our automotive industry ready ?, "Andono explained.

Even so, Andono said if all decisions remain in the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. "If for the restriction policies, of course, it will be related to the supply and demand, what should we consider again? But of course all decisions and executions are in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, "Andono said again.

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