Here Are The 5 Best Tips To Buy A Car Auction

News picture Here Are The 5 Best Tips To Buy A Car Auction
date_range 2020-10-07
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Here Are The 5 Best Tips To Buy A Car Auction

PT JBA Indonesia - Buying a used car at auction is one way to get a vehicle at a competitive price. You can buy a used car at PT JBA Indonesia. JBA is an automotive auction center that provides online and offline auction features. Especially during a pandemic, the JBA auction center only provides online auctions which are certainly safer for you and more comfortable because they can be followed anywhere.


Then, how do you buy a vehicle at auction to get the optimal price and the unit that suits your needs? Here are tips from JBA Indonesia for you:

  1. Read the auction procedure

Each auction house has its own procedures for auctioning used vehicles. In JBA you can find out through the JBA website at or click here. What you need to understand before joining an auction, auction houses only auction off used vehicles as they are.

  1. Recognize auction financial administration transactions

When participating in a car auction, you will be asked to make a deposit as a sign of your seriousness as a participant. If you win a unit auction, the unit price you must pay will be deducted from the deposit you have deposited.

  1. Check, check, check, and check

Even though now JBA has provided various features that make it easier for you to identify the unit you will be targeting at auction, it will be much better if you check it directly. You can take the time to take part in the open house or check the unit physically at the unit location pool. Don't forget, check the unit's documents, such as BPKB and STNK.

  1. See the chassis number and engine number

This is one important element apart from looking at the interior, exterior and engine of the car. You need to check the chassis number and engine number with the vehicle information provided by the auction house. The risk is quite high if you do not check the frame number and engine number or you keep buying a unit whose frame number and engine number cannot be read.

  1. Make sure the network is stable

Before entering an auction, check your internet network. Don't miss your target unit just because your network is unstable.


So what are you waiting for, let's immediately buy the car you want here. You can get the vehicle you want easily and cheaply at JBA.

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PT JBA Indonesia

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