Buying a Used Car Feels New, Try This!

News picture Buying a Used Car Feels New, Try This!
date_range 2022-04-22
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Buying a Used Car Feels New, Try This!

Buying a used car is indeed an alternative for those of you who want to have a car without having to spend more. But who doesn't want to feel a used car feels like a new car? This time, Oktavianus, Head of the JBA Medan Branch, shares tips for those of you who buy a used car that feels like a new car:


1.Machine Repair

The very first step after buying a used car is to repair the engine parts of the car. A well-maintained car engine makes the engine sound smooth. . A car engine that has been repaired and is in top condition will make the car feel more comfortable and like new.


  1. Legs Repair

The legs are components that are under the car or steering rack. The components in it, namely ball joint, shockbreaker, bushing arm, stabilizer bushing, bearing, tie rod and peer ensure the vehicle is stable when operated.


Repair of the legs of the car must be done to maintain the performance and mobility of the vehicle. Because the legs are a vital component to ensure the vehicle is in good condition.


3.Replacing imitation parts with genuine ones

When buying a used car, there may be some parts that have already been replaced. And when it has been replaced it is not necessarily replaced with original spare parts. If you know that, then immediately replace the imitation parts with genuine ones.


The quality of the original parts is much better than the imitation ones. Using genuine spare parts will make your car more well maintained and you will be more comfortable when driving it.


4.Body Repair

After the inside has been addressed, it's time to beautify your used car from the outside. The outside appearance of the car is one of the initial attractions of the car itself. A car with smooth paint and body will be more pleasing to the eye than a car with scratches or faded paint. Body Repair can make your used car feel like new again.


5.Car Salon

The last step after buying a used car is to take the car to a car salon. You can choose the treatment starting from cleaning, detailing, and fogging or if you need a coating to add to your car body care. The point is that both the interior and exterior of your car must be cared for and cleaned to the maximum so that it adds to the comfort and appearance of your car.


So, now you can get a used car that feels new with the steps above. Your budget will be more efficient but the comfort you feel remains the same. Buy a used car as you wish at JBA. For more information, please check this website.

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