Sejarah Daihatsu Taruna dan Daftar Penyakitnya!

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Sejarah Daihatsu Taruna dan Daftar Penyakitnya!

JBA - If a compact car is not able to accommodate the needs of your entire family, then you can drop the choice to one of these used cars, the Daihatsu Taruna F-Series. This car has a much more passenger capacity and a monocoque body that is able to accommodate your family's needs.

Currently, there are 2 types of Daihatsu Youth to choose from, namely the C-Series and F-Series. If you are looking for a family car, then the Daihatsu Taruna F-Series can be your choice. Because this vehicle has dimensions that are longer than the C-Series type.

In addition, this type also has a longer chassis version and several other advantages, such as 2 engine choices, features, and several other accessories.

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Judging from its flexibility, the second-row seats of this car can be shifted forward and backward for easy access in and out for passengers as well as to provide comfort in legroom management.

Daihatsu Taruna was first launched in 1999 with the C-Series type. Then in 2001, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor re-launched the newest Taruna product with the F-Series type to complete it.

In terms of performance, Daihatsu pinned Taruna with a 1,600 cc engine with a curator. However, to minimize the amount of vehicle tax, Daihatsu finally changed its engine capacity to 1,500 cc with EFi engine technology capable of spraying power of 86 hp at 6,000 rpm engine speed.

Daihatsu itself offers Taruna with several different variants, depending on the completeness of its features, such as FL, FL Plus, FX, and FGX.


To complement the existing F-Series lineup, Daihatsu finally released the latest product with the name Taruna FGZ which has more complete features than the previous model, such as electric folding mirrors, and the body design with two tones.

Daihatsu Cadet's Disease

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Although known as a reliable mini SUV that can bulldoze the entire terrain, this vehicle still has some weaknesses. The following are some of the weaknesses of Daihatsu Taruna and often become complaints by users, including:


In general, this vehicle does not have significant engine problems. However, the use of aluminum material for the engine block you need to be aware of if the car is attacked by overheat, especially in the connection of the block and cylinder head.


Another problem that is usually found in this car is in the second-row seats which often appear "kretek kretek" sound. This condition occurs because the middle row seats only rely on one point. The solution is quite easy, just by blocking it using rubber pads.


One of the complaints felt by the users of Daihatsu Taruna is that the suspension does not function properly, especially in the arm, ball joint, to the other legs. However, if the user is within normal limits, then most likely there will not be a problem in this section.

Conversely, if the vehicle owner is lacking in terms of maintenance, then you should check the condition of the rubber bushings to better optimize the performance of the suspension system.


The last component that is usually the problem is the axle component. Usually the problem that occurs is the emergence of a roar when the car drove. Therefore, you should examine this component carefully. If the rumbling is getting louder, then most likely a problem is in the axle teeth.


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