Three Top-Selling Cars of JBA's First Quarter

News picture Three Top-Selling Cars of JBA's First Quarter
date_range 2021-04-01
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Three Top-Selling Cars of JBA's First Quarter

PT JBA Indonesia - Sales at the JBA auction center, especially in early 2021, at one of the JBA branches, namely the JBA branch in Banjarmasin, recorded the three most sold cars in a row during the first quarter, namely the Suzuki ST 150 Pick Up car, the Toyota Avanza. and Daihatsu Gran Max.


Said the Head of JBA Banjarmasin Branch, Syaiful Bahri regarding the three best-selling cars during the first quarter of 2021, namely:

  1. Suzuki ST 150 Pickup is the biggest seller, based on the publication of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) for South Kalimantan, there is an increase in the agricultural, plantation, forestry, and other sectors in 2020. This still has an impact on sales in the first quarter of 2021 now.


  1. As for the Toyota Avanza, it has always been the best-selling car in Indonesia, because the prices are very competitive and easy to get spare parts and the Avanza is stable enough to cross various road fields. Starting from asphalt roads, uphill roads, even rocky roads, moderate mud, to through the floods, this car is also quite stable. One more thing, the most important thing is because this car is designed as a family car and contains a lot of passengers. So the point is why Avanza is still very popular and ranks second in sales in the first quarter of 2021 at JBA Banjarmasin, namely because what Banjarmasin people like is a car that can carry a lot of passengers.


  1. Likewise with the Daihatsu Granmax car, the number of businessmen who came and asked about the vehicle, most likely because of the increased purchase demand for them, so they needed a vehicle that could carry quite a lot of goods but was closed.


If you are interested in participating in the auction at JBA, apart from the three cars above, JBA Banjarmasin still has a large list of cars that will be auctioned off every Thursday. To see a list of cars, you can click here or And for those of you who are in other cities, JBA also has other branches in major cities in Indonesia. Please click here to see other JBA branches.


You can also take part in auctions from your home or wherever you are because JBA is auctioning online. For more information about the online auction, please click here.

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