Honda BEAT lights often break up and battery accents? This is the solution

News picture Honda BEAT lights often break up and battery accents? This is the solution
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Honda BEAT lights often break up and battery accents? This is the solution

JBA - One of the cases that often occur in the Honda BEAT series is the light that is easily broken and the overdrawn battery. This case generally occurs in Honda BEAT which has a high intensity of use and has aged.

Then how to overcome it?

According to Pardiman, the Head of Mechanics at a motorbike repair shop located in the Kebagusan area, South Jakarta, said that there was one component that was the culprit of the condition, and needed to be repaired.

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"First it checks the body cable, if there is no problem, then it is certain that the occurrence of the case comes from kiprok whose function has been weakened," said Pardiman, as reported by the page.

Kiprok on the motor itself serves to control the electric current coming from the spool before being distributed to all existing electrical devices.

If this component weakens, excessive electrical current will occur to the electrical device so that it can cause damage if this continues.

"For the cost of services themselves are quite varied in each workshop. For the price of the kiprok itself also varies, depending on the motorcycle, "explained Pardiman again.

Honda BeAT series itself, is known to consist of three different generations, namely the type of karbu, FI, and eSP.

For the official Kiprok Honda owned by BEAT karbu priced at a fairly affordable price, which is only Rp 111 thousand. As for the property of BEAT / Scoopy FI, the price is IDR 347 thousand, and the eSP is IDR 346 thousand.

However, the above prices do not include replacement of the main lights and new batteries whose prices range from Rp 250 thousand.

Price of Honda BEAT

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Honda BEAT itself is classified as the most popular motorcycle in Indonesia, because the price is quite affordable with a modern appearance and fuel-efficient like other Honda motorcycles compared to its rivals.

BeAT prices based on the variant are priced at different prices. The following is a complete list of Honda BEAT prices based on the Jakarta OTR variant:



Beat CW

Rp 16,07 million

Beat CBS

Rp 16,24 million


Rp 16,77 million


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