Buy a Car to Go Home? Only At JBA

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date_range 2021-04-30
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Buy a Car to Go Home? Only At JBA

JBA Indonesia - Eid al-Fitr soon, homecoming preparations are complete. However, in the midst of this pandemic, it is very risky to take public transportation. Moreover, traveling quite a distance. Buying a private car is a wise choice today. Used cars can be an option, in addition to the same function, it can also save more money.

JBA sells various brands and types of used cars through an auction system every week on a regular basis. Your need to buy a used car and save money can be fulfilled at JBA. The prices offered by JBA vary widely and the bidding system at auction allows you to adjust prices according to your budget.

Family cars such as the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, or Suzuki Ertiga can be the right choice. If you just have a small family, you can buy a Daihatsu Ayla, Honda Brio, or Toyota Agya. All these and other cars are auctioned off at the JBA on a weekly basis.

In addition to a complete selection of cars, JBA branch locations are also spread across 18 major cities in Indonesia. Starting from Jakarta, Medan, Makassar, to Banjarmasin. How to auction at JBA is also not difficult. In fact, you can auction online via the JBA website or apps. And most importantly, the auction in JBA is protected by legal entities so that the JBA auction is very safe.

Buying a used car at JBA is the right decision. Many choices of units, affordable prices, scattered auction locations, even participating in the auction is safe and comfortable. Enjoy the trip back to your hometown more comfortably by driving a car from JBA.

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