Apparently, This Is The Cause Of The Indicator Of Diesel Engine Fuel Continues On

News picture Apparently, This Is The Cause Of The Indicator Of Diesel Engine Fuel Continues On
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Apparently, This Is The Cause Of The Indicator Of Diesel Engine Fuel Continues On

JBA - One of the problems that often occurs when you buy a used car with a diesel engine is to continue to turn on the engine indicator found on the dashboard of the car. In general, this condition occurs due to problems with components in the car, including diesel cars.

As is known, diesel engines are currently experiencing rapid technological advancements. Even though it still has points that are fairly vulnerable, both water and air.

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If these two components cannot be mixed with diesel well, it will certainly interfere with the performance of the diesel engines you are using. Even air and water can cause the fuel indicator to keep burning, it can also make the car's performance decrease.

If the display of this indicator continues to appear on the instrument cluster, it is mandatory for you to check all the networks related to the flow of diesel or diesel. Because, usually the cause is due to full solar sedimentary water, or it could be because the diesel fuel in the filter has mixed too much with water.

To overcome this, the easiest way, you can do is to clean the solar sedimentary water that occurs. Well, here is an easy way to do it:

1. Make sure if the ignition is in the off position.

2. Open the hood and look for sedimentary water. Usually located close to the car battery section.

3. After the sedimentary water is visible, immediately look for the drain tap and loosen it but do not let it go. This function is to remove the diesel fuel containing the water. We recommend that you drain it up by pressing the manual priming pump, starting from the top to the bottom.

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4. Close the drain tap again until the meeting and pump the water sedimenter back in to fill it with diesel, then press it until it feels a little hard.

5. Clean the diesel spill that has been released earlier with a cloth and absorb oil, such as sand or wood powder.

6. Try to start the engine by starting it to idle for 5 minutes. If the vehicle engine is difficult to live, then pump the solvent manually again in a sedimentary water place.

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