7 Tips for Caring for Your Car During the Rainy Season

News picture 7 Tips for Caring for Your Car During the Rainy Season
date_range 2020-10-20
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7 Tips for Caring for Your Car During the Rainy Season

PT JBA Indonesia - The rainy season has arrived. Even some of the intensity is quite high. As a result, there may be a lot of high inundation and even floods at certain points in your city. When these conditions arise, one of the things you worry about is your vehicle. Not only the problem of flooding, but also your vehicle, which is getting rainy more often will certainly cause problems. Relax, JBA has tips for caring for your car during the rainy season!


  1. Check engine components often

Periodic inspection of engine components is necessary, because water can enter through narrow gaps. You must ensure that no engine components are disturbed as this can cause the vehicle to break down.


  1. Replace the air filter

Switch to a standard factory recommended filter if your car uses an open air filter. Because if the filter is exposed to large amounts of water, the engine will be disturbed and it can even make the car difficult to start.


  1. Pay attention to the condition of the wipers

Periodically check the quality of the car wiper rubber. If the rubber is thin and brittle in some parts, it is better to replace it immediately, because it will interfere with its job of removing water that blocks the driver's view. Especially when you are driving in heavy rain.


  1. Don't wait for the rainwater to dry

Rain water that flushes the exterior of the car and is allowed to dry just like that can damage the paint and coating of your car or motorcycle. Rainwater contains acids which over time can damage the vehicle paint coating and make it rust quickly. Immediately wash your car or motorcycle with special soap and rinse thoroughly then dry.


  1. Change the oil after a flood

Immediately change the oil of your car or motorcycle if you've ever been through a flood or been submerged in a flood.


  1. Don't forget Under the Car

Apart from the car body, rust can also be found on the legs of the car if there is a lot of dirt or rainwater remaining. Always wash this part thoroughly after the rain, so there is no build-up of scale which can shorten the life of the components under this area.


For those of you who don't and want to have a private vehicle to make your transportation easier in the rainy season, buying a used vehicle at a competitive price is an option, please check here, because JBA has many choices of used cars for you, complete with a description of the condition of the unit.

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