Components that must be replaced when the car is five years old

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Components that must be replaced when the car is five years old

JBA - Until now, many car owners do not realize that the age of their cars is more than five years as a result of being used frequently for various activities. In fact, the age of a five-year-old car needs to be given extra attention, especially on some of its components.

In general, a five-year-old car will have a variety of problems that need to replace several components in it so that performance remains optimal.

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That is why car manufacturers require their vehicle owners to perform large services when their cars are five years old or have traveled 100,000 miles.

"If the car has been in five years, it needs to be immediately serviced large, including the replacement of all oil, starting from engine oil, transmission, to axle oil," said one of the car repair shop owners in the BSD area, South Tangerang, Ruslan, as reported by the Autodriver page. .com

In addition to oil, the bolts found on the legs of the vehicle are also one component that is mandatory for inspection when carrying out large services. "When the car is five years old, in general, the components of the legs such as tierod to brake lining ask for immediate replacement," Ruslan said again.

But among the many components, the most difficult to detect is the motor performance of the extra fan. "When the extra fan experiences problems and it is only known when the car is moving, such as not being able to suck and blow cold air from outside. This will certainly increase the temperature of the condenser, "he explained.

This condition eventually makes the temperature absorbed quickly by the radiator so as to make the car engine overheating quickly. "This component is quite expensive, especially when it needs to be replaced, starting at Rp. 950 thousand. But everything depends on the type of car, "said Ruslan.

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Some things that are usually done during large service include engine or tune-up services, such as checking spark plugs and spark plug wires, checking the air filter, cleaning the intake manifold, adjusting the valve for cars that still use manual valve, and adjusting the ignition timing.

If your car has used a computer system or ECU, then when doing a tune-up a scanner tool will be used to diagnose or detect problems that occur in the car.

Ruslan also said that a car that has been five years old or has traveled a distance of 100 thousand km, the maintenance costs incurred are certainly not small. In fact, the price can be above Rp 2 million, depending on the type of car used. This also does not include the cost of spooring and tire balancing.

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