Want to save fuel, pay attention to your vehicle air filter

News picture Want to save fuel, pay attention to your vehicle air filter
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Want to save fuel, pay attention to your vehicle air filter

JBA - One of the important components in a vehicle that functions to help the combustion process on the engine so that its performance is more optimal is the air filter. This applies to both four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles.

As is known, when the combustion process, clean air is needed in the injection system or carburetor so that the engine's performance becomes more optimal. Well, you can get clean air through a component called an air filter.

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And vice versa, if this component is dirty and accumulates a lot of dirt, it will certainly cause problems during the combustion process inside the engine. This certainly will reduce engine performance because the incoming air does not run smoothly.

Not only that, if this component is clogged by dirt it will make the engine of the car heat up and waste fuel.

If this is allowed, it will make the problem worse. Because, some parts of the engine innards on the combustion system become crusty, starting from the piston head to several other components.

During the rainy season like now, you should pay more attention to this component. Because, during the rainy season, this component will get dirty quickly because of the splashing of rain water that has been mixed with asphalt, soil and mud.

Tips for Cleaning the Air Filter

Air filters do have a vital role, but that does not mean they cannot be treated. If it's not too dirty, you can easily clean it by spraying a wind compressor.

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However, if the condition of this component is very dirty, then you should wash it using water mixed with soap or car shampoo.

After that, soak it for about two minutes, then dry it in an aerated manner. It is better to avoid drying these components under direct sunlight, because it can make these components damaged, considering these components are made of cardboard.

To clean this component, the ideal distance is every 10 thousand km. However, if the mileage has reached 40 thousand km, then you should replace the old component with a new one.

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