Seat Honda Hard Beat! Replace This Motorcycle Seat Let It Soft

News picture Seat Honda Hard Beat! Replace This Motorcycle Seat Let It Soft
date_range 2019-03-18
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Seat Honda Hard Beat! Replace This Motorcycle Seat Let It Soft

JBA - One of the favorite motorbikes in Indonesia, Honda BeAT is one of the highest-selling motorcycles. This can be proved by sales data which state that Honda's BeAt sales figures are currently leading compared to other motorcycle models.

Even so, this Honda matic scooter has many complaints, where one of the most frequently complained of is the seat component that is quite hard when occupied.

"Usually if you ride the motorbike for more than an hour, the buttocks will become hot," said Rudy Hansend, one of the users of the Honda BeAT alert in 2017, as report by the page.

Rudy's workplace is indeed quite far from his residence in the Tangerang area, while his workplace is in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

To overcome the complaints he experienced, Rudy admitted that he finally decided to consult with some motorbike seats he met. Most of the motorbike seats he met also gave input to him to replace the BeAt seat foams that was built into the one used by the old Yamaha Mio or the early Mio generation.

"Some suggest that I use the old Yamaha Mio Seat or Mio from the early generation," explained Rudy again.

According to Rudy, the installation of the old or early generation Yamaha Mio seats into the BeAt seat is not too difficult because of its similar size.

"Because the size is almost the same, it is not too complicated to match," explained Rudy.

"The method is quite easy, the foam that comes from BeAt will is cut from the front to the back. After that, the bus was replaced with Mio's, "he said.

"After that, the foam of the Yamaha Mio was affixed using aibon glue, then tapped on the front or near the leg of the leg, it must be added with foam so that it fits with the BEAT seat," he continued.

For installation costs, according to Rudy, it is quite affordable, where you only needed to prepare around Rp 150 thousand.

"If it has been replaced, it will be very suitable for those who work far enough from home," concluded Rudy.

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