Check These 5 Components Before Buying a Used Car

News picture Check These 5 Components Before Buying a Used Car
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Check These 5 Components Before Buying a Used Car

JBA - In the past few years, used cars have become increasingly sought after, especially in big cities that are often hit by congestion. By only relying on two pedals, making this car is considered suitable for use in areas that often occur congestion, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and several other major cities in Indonesia.

However, to get used automatic cars with prime conditions, certainly not easy. Some special tips are needed so that you can find used cars in prime condition. The following are some of the things you need to check to get used automatic cars with prime conditions, including:

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1. Check the condition of the oil

When you have found the automatic car that you want, then the first step is to check the condition of the automatic oil by turning on the car and positioning the transmission lever in position N (neutral). If the condition of automatic oil is fresh red and is not cloudy or blackened, then it can be ascertained if the oil condition is very good. Conversely, if the oil condition is black, it can be indicated if the automatic oil of the car has not been replaced for a long time or there is a problem with the transmission.

2. Check the Transmission Body from Leaks

The next step is to check the transmission unit on the automatic car. See if there is oil or dust that has been mixed with the oil in the unit. If the oil seepage appears from the gap of the block, then you should not choose the car.

3. A Jolt When Passing a Gear

Feel the gear shift at various positions in the automatic transmission, such as P-N-D-R and do the opposite. If it feels smooth, then the automatic transmission system is normal aka no damage. However, if you feel a beat when you move a gear while driving, then this is one symptom that shows if the transmission system has a problem with some components, such as damage to the TCM speed sensor, solenoid pressure, or hardening of the piston.

4. Difficult to climb

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To find out whether the car is in top condition or not, then test the incline by positioning the gear at L or D1 which is the largest gear ratio for automatic transmission. Then pay attention to the car's response when under these conditions. If it feels heavy, it is difficult to climb, even feels slippage, then you should not choose the vehicle.

5. Not Responsive

If you drive an automatic car, but there is a roar when you step on the gas pedal, but the car does not run as normal or normal, then the possibility of a drive plate or clutch plate has thinned, making the performance of the body valve weakened. You should choose another vehicle if this happens.

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