As a result of Replacing Radiator Water with Tap Water or Mineral Water

News picture As a result of Replacing Radiator Water with Tap Water or Mineral Water
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As a result of Replacing Radiator Water with Tap Water or Mineral Water

JBA - Radiator water or what is often called a water cooling system is one of the important elements that functions to cool the engine to prevent overheating. In general, car manufacturers have directly provided water coolant for each product they have made.

 This happens because every car manufacturer has a different level of concentrate so it is necessary to adjust according to the manual that has been given. This liquid also needs to be replaced regularly. Because, its ability to bind heat will decrease over time, and to avoid corrosion.

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Even so, there are still many people who are still mistaken in filling or adding radiator water, and replacing it using bottled water or mineral water. Not only that, sometimes it is often found that radiator water is replaced with ground water or tap water.

 Then what is the effect if you replace this liquid with both water? The following is the explanation.

 According to the Head of the Auto2000 Cilandak Workshop, Sumarmin, if this is done it will make the drainage crusty and clogged.

 "For bottled water and tap water, it has iron, manganese and lime content which can actually make the water channel crust, and eventually make the drainage clogged," said Sumarmin.

 For information, modern car engines are now designed with components that have been made in such a way and as efficiently as possible, including also about water circulation to cool the engine. If the water used has iron, manga and lime content, it will create crust on the engine cooling system so that it eventually clogs the entire cooling system.

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If this continues to happen until it gets worse, the engine cooler will not work optimally, so the engine overheat. This condition will force you to go down the engine because some engine components have been damaged, and to repair it costs a lot.

 Therefore, immediately consult with your service shop about radiator coolant fluids that are used as standard specifications of your car so that things do not happen that are not desirable.

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