Buy a Car Through Auction Can Get More Leaning Prices, Really?

News picture Buy a Car Through Auction Can Get More Leaning Prices, Really?
date_range 2020-08-28
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Buy a Car Through Auction Can Get More Leaning Prices, Really?, Jakarta - One way to get used cars at low prices is through auctions. By buying a car or motorcycle by auction, you can save enormous costs, even up to 40 percent of the initial price.

For those of you who have never been, but are interested in participating in car auctions, check out the must-know car auction tips and tricks:


  1. Various Advantages of Buying a Used Car at Auction

There are five advantages that you can get when buying a used car at auction. First, car prices are much more affordable, due to falling prices. Used cars at auction are usually sold directly by the owner. In other words, you get the first price, the lowest price, and all questions can be submitted directly to the sale of the car.


Second, the condition of the vehicle is more secure because the assessment of each vehicle is carried out by the auctioneer, which is explained transparently according to the condition of the car as it is. Third, there is the potential to buy the best car within the budget.


At the auction, you will be presented with a large selection of cars. From the cheapest to most expensive cars, or the oldest and newest cars. Just adjust the budget that is prepared!

Fourth, the buying process is relatively shorter and faster. During an auction, you can make transactions in no time. After the administrative affairs are finished, the selected vehicle can be taken home immediately.


Lastly, most people probably think of vehicle auctions as just for cars. However, in reality, this is not the case. You can find a wide selection of other vehicles that are also auctioned off, such as motorbikes, buses, and trucks as needed. A motorbike for short and fast trips, or a truck for your personal and business logistics needs.


  1. Important things to note so as not to be fooled

After knowing the type of vehicle you want, there are several things you need to consider before buying a vehicle at auction. First, choose the best place and time to enter the auction so you don't rush into choosing.


If you have found a suitable auction, don't forget to check the market price for the motorbike, car, truck, or bus you want first. This step is necessary so that you know the limit on the price you can get when entering the auction.


  1. Selling at auction is possible!

Auctions are not only for buying used vehicles, but also for selling used vehicles. If you are interested in selling used vehicles, you can try contacting JBA.


JBA has many advantages for used car or motorcycle sellers. Because, the presence of car auctions in the country is not new.

JBA Indonesia Chief Operating Officer Deny Gunawan said the Indonesian domestic market as a whole is growing at an annual rate of around 10 percent. This growth has also made JBA the pioneer of fast-growing automotive auctions in Indonesia.


"Currently, we already have more than 16 auction centers spread across big cities," said Deny Gunawan. This makes it easier for you to reach JBA to sell your used units.

After that, you can discuss the cooperation agreement, the mechanism, and then your vehicle will be examined by the JBA vehicle inspector to determine the base price for the auction. Even though the final decision on the basic price is still up to you completely. If your vehicle is selling well, in less than 7 days, the sales funds can be immediately withdrawn.


For new users who want to make sales now, JBA offers various attractive promos! One of them is IDR 100,000 vouchers or free admin fee for each car unit sale.


  1. Are you hesitant to participate in buying and selling used vehicles? Try to Practice Yourself First

If you still have doubts in matters of buying and selling used vehicles through an auction, take the time to come to the auction first. One of them can be through JBA.


JBA guarantees the security of buying and selling because it is protected by legal entities. In addition to security, JBA also prioritizes transparency in every transaction carried out, whether sales or purchases. The process of buying and selling vehicles in JBA is also relatively shorter than other auction events, because JBA has a professional marketing and operational team.


Before visiting an auction, you can view all the complete information on the website. This extensive network can be accessed easily and in real time with the JBA platform. You find the nearest JBA auction schedule right now!



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