5 Profitable Reasons You Should Become a JBA Member

News picture 5 Profitable Reasons You Should Become a JBA Member
date_range 2022-04-01
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5 Profitable Reasons You Should Become a JBA Member

One JBA Membership is indeed one of the mainstay programs of JBA. As we know, being a member at JBA always gets more benefits than those who are not yet a member at JBA.

There are at least 5 (five) profitable reasons to become a JBA member, namely:

1. Get Rewards Points
Buying used cars and used motorbikes with member status at JBA can get reward points from JBA. The points that have been collected can later be exchanged for various prizes ranging from shopping vouchers, electronic vouchers to motorbikes.

2. Save Registration Time
You do not need to re-pay the deposit to participate in the auction at JBA when you are already a member. It is very efficient if the time to register can be used for other things such as checking vehicles before auctions.

3. Can Participate in Auctions in All JBA Branches
When you need to deposit again to take part in the auction, you will automatically have access to participate in auctions at all JBA branches.

4. Get Maximum Promo
The promos that JBA usually gives can also be obtained more optimally if you become a member at JBA. The portion of the promo prize for JBA members is also bigger than those who are not yet members of JBA.

5. Many Categories As Needed
In membership there are several categories that you can choose from. Starting from bronze, silver, gold, to platinum. All categories have their own terms and conditions offered. Then you can adjust according to your needs.

If you are not currently a member of JBA, maybe this is the right time to register. The reason is that JBA is currently having a Ramadhan Blessing promo for membership registrants this April. For those of you who want to register as a car member, you will get a bonus point rewards of 40 points. If you register as a motorcycle member, you will get a bonus point rewards of 20 points.

This registration can apply to all JBA branches and is valid only this April. Make sure you register to become a member at JBA and enjoy the benefits of auctioning at JBA by becoming a member. You can check membership information here.

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