Tips Ampuh Berkendara Mobil Dengan Aman Di Saat Liburan Tahun Baru

News picture Tips Ampuh Berkendara Mobil Dengan Aman Di Saat Liburan Tahun Baru
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Tips Ampuh Berkendara Mobil Dengan Aman Di Saat Liburan Tahun Baru

Jakarta – New Year's holidays are approaching in a few days, this moment is used by many families to have a vacation together. Many use private cars to become vehicles for the holidays, but those who don't have a private car can also take advantage of the JBA auction to buy a used car according to what they want. JBA auction house as the number 1 automotive auction house in Indonesia, of course, has an auction system that is safe, convenient, transparent and trusted so that it becomes the top choice for finding dream used vehicles.


Reporting from various sources, JBA summarizes various tips for driving a car safely during the New Year holidays as follows:


  1. Checking the car

The most important thing to do before traveling is to check the car to the repair shop. You have to make sure all the components of the car can function properly, this is to avoid crashes or accidents while driving.


Don't forget to make sure the condition of the car tires is in good condition and not bald. The ideal pressure is: Car MPV: 33-36 Psi; City Car: 30 – 36 Psi; Sedan Cars: 30 – 33 Psi and SUV Cars: 35 – 40 Psi.


  1. Fully refuel the car

Apart from servicing the car regularly, another thing that needs to be done is to make sure the car is fully fueled before a long trip. This aims to make your trip safer without worrying about having to refuel.


  1. Pay attention to the number of passengers and goods

When you are on vacation, you will definitely carry a large amount of goods, but it is advisable not to fill the car space from the bottom to the ceiling of the car. Make sure you don't take more passengers and goods than your car can carry.


Not many people know that the position of goods in the car can help maintain the balance of the car thereby reducing the potential for the car to tip over, so it is advisable to put the heaviest luggage in the lower trunk or floor of the car trunk. Overload on the rear of the car can affect steering and braking by shifting weight from the front wheels


Excessive piles of loads can also block visibility, making it difficult for the driver to drive and become a significant risk when maneuvering backwards. On the other hand, visibility that is less than optimal behind the car makes the risk of hitting it higher.


  1. Don't put stuff on the roof of the car

Putting stuff on the roof of the car is really not recommended. Placing items on the roof is the same as increasing the height of the car so that it will reduce the stability of the car because it causes an increased body roll effect. It's even more dangerous when the car is racing fast on a curved road which makes the potential for the car to roll over even greater.


Not only that, putting stuff on the roof of the car can also increase the center of gravity and have a negative effect on the aerodynamics of the car. And can have a negative impact on fuel consumption, car handling and the danger of loose goods from the binding when the car is running.


  1. Make sure to drive in fit condition

Before embarking on a long journey, it is advisable to get enough rest and eat healthy food. Don't force yourself to drive when your body is not fit and sleepy. You can stop every two hours to rest or do some light exercise.


Don't forget to always wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer and provide and use masks during the holidays.


  1. Planning a vacation route

Having vacation route planning is very important to avoid things that are not desirable during the holidays. You can find out the conditions of the intended travel route in advance or look for alternative travel routes to anticipate congestion.


As is known, this December has the potential for high rain. It is recommended to check the weather forecast and potential natural disasters on the route you are aiming for.


So, those are powerful tips for driving a car safely while driving, JBA recommendations. Hopefully your vacation trip can feel safe and comfortable. If you are looking for a used car at an affordable price, you can click here or you can call CS JBA at 021 1500 369.

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