Caring for Used Car Brakes Can Prevent Preventing Brake Fail

News picture Caring for Used Car Brakes Can Prevent Preventing Brake Fail
date_range 2020-02-28
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Caring for Used Car Brakes Can Prevent Preventing Brake Fail

JBA - Entering the rainy season with extreme intensity in the last few days, making used-car brakes are very vulnerable to damage so that it can make the brakes fail. In fact, the brake is a very important component and serves to slow down the speed of the vehicle.

Because of its location at the bottom and prone to various impurities, such as sand and rainwater, of course, it requires extra care to treat it so as not to cause problems later on. One of them is brake failure.

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One type of brakes that are most prone to infiltrated with dirt is disc brakes that are located in the front wheels.

"It's true, in the rainy season like now, brakes are a component that needs serious attention, especially in terms of maintenance," said one of the car repair shop owners in the Bekasi area, Andrie Cahyadi, reported by page.

"In terms of maintenance, the brake parts must be better and need to be done more quickly when cleaning brake components such as brake pads or disks," explained Andrie.

In general, brake maintenance for cars is done every car traveling a distance of 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers once.

"If necessary, the disassembly should be done so that the surface of the brake lining and disc discs can be immediately cleaned," explained Andrie again.

Or, you can also use a brake fluid cleaner that is sprayed directly into the brake lining so that dirt and fine sand do not stick.

Andrie also said if the brakes had been upgraded with the use of more soft brakes which served to increase the braking performance, certainly need additional attention.

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"For aftermarket brake linings, of course, have better capabilities than the standard version. Apart from that the material is also softer. Entering the rainy season like now, of course, fine sand can easily stick to the brake lining, "Andrie said.

If it is not cleaned up immediately, it is most likely that dirt contained in the brake linings will erode the surface of the disc disk. Not only that, in addition to disc brakes, brake care also applies to drum brakes that are often used.

"If you want to clean drum brakes, it should be washed and sanded a little, especially in the brake shoes," concluded Andrie.

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