Tips for Choosing a Quality Shockbreaker For Your Motorcycle

News picture Tips for Choosing a Quality Shockbreaker For Your Motorcycle
date_range 2020-02-07
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Tips for Choosing a Quality Shockbreaker For Your Motorcycle

JBA - Shockbreaker is one of the important components in a motor that serves to reduce vibration when the motor is running. This component has an important function to support the convenience of its users.

Along with usage, shock breaker also has a lifetime so it is damaged and can no longer dampen vibrations so it needs to be replaced with new ones.

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But finding a new, comfortable snob is not easy. Some tricks are needed in order to find a good shock that increases the level of comfort of the driver and passengers.

Keep in mind, at this time many snobby sellers are polishing up secondhand shock breakers to look like they just came back, even though the quality is low. Well, here are some tips on choosing a good and comfortable shock breaker that you can do, including:

1. Pay attention to the snobs you choose, whether there are defects or not. This needs to be done because often naughty sellers spray the used shock breaker using spray paint to cover the defective part.

2. Pay attention to the body of snobs from scratches or from welding marks that are usually found on the stem. This is done so that you are not fooled by rogue sellers who sell snobs. A good Sokbreaker certainly has a smooth and shiny rod without blemishes.

3. Pay close attention to whether there is code in the shock breaker section. In general, good snobs make code on their body parts using lasers or special tools.

4. If you want to use a sokbreker type of gas with good quality, then the way to check that you can do is to press the shock down then pay attention to the detailed return position. If the movement of the return is smooth and smooth, it is certain that the shock breaker has good quality.

5. Note the bottom of the shock earrings, whether the shape is still around or not. If it is not in a round condition, then there is a possibility that the shock you choose is a used item.

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Those are some information on tips to choose a good and quality shock so that you avoid naughty sellers who sell used shock.

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