Tips to get rid of car glass mold when the rainy season arrives

News picture Tips to get rid of car glass mold when the rainy season arrives
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Tips to get rid of car glass mold when the rainy season arrives

JBA - One important component in a car during the rainy season is glass. This component is very important considering the visibility of the driver is staring at the road depending on this component. Therefore, this component you need to pay attention to so as not to appear glass mold that can interfere with your view.

As is known, the function of the windshield is to provide a broad view of the driver is staring at the road. Therefore, if the component is opaque, it can be ascertained if the level of visibility of the driver becomes disturbed.

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Mushroom is one of the problems that you will often find on the windshield if your car is in a dirty condition and left alone without being cleaned for a long period of time.

The fungus itself is usually attached to the windshield because there is an oxidation process that comes from acids found in water.

Then how do you get rid of the glass mold?

Reported by page, there are several ways you can do to get rid of your car's glass mold, including:

Using alcohol levels of 50 - 90%

In general, this material is used to clean wounds. But apparently, this material can also be used to clean and remove car glass mold. The method is quite easy, you only need to wet a soft cloth that has been moistened with alcohol, then rubbed directly into the windshield. But the thing to remember is when rubbing the windshield with this liquid, rub it with gentle pressure so the glass doesn't scratch.

Soft drink

Who would have thought it was soda water that is usually drunk, it was able to eliminate the windshield fungi. The trick is to clean the windshield first using a dry cloth. After that, wet the soft cloth with soda water and rub it into the glass of your car. Do this several times until the fungus disappears. When cleaning the windshield of this fungus, you should not use water so that the chemical elements in soda do not compound with water so that it will reduce its usefulness. We recommend choosing a soda that does not contain sugar so as not to invite ants.

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Who would have thought, it turns out that toothpaste that we often use every day is able to get rid of car glass mold. The trick is to apply enough toothpaste, and wait for it to dry. After that, rinse using clean water while rubbing it using a soft cloth so that the fungus disappears. After that, dry it immediately using a clean and dry newspaper.

Bleach clothes

How to get rid of mold on the windshield is to use clothing bleach. The method is quite easy, just need to gently rub the bleaching liquid on the windshield to clean it. In addition, use a soft cloth so as not to cause scratches on the windshield of the car.

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