Thank you 2021

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Thank you 2021

PT JBA Indonesia - The year 2021 will end, for some people this year may not be an easy year because we are still in a pandemic period. However, even though this year has not been easy, it does not mean that 2021 will not have the experience to remember. There are still many things to remember and be grateful for this year.

For JBA itself, 2021 is a special year, because this year JBA is even 1 decade old. Apart from being special, this year is also a challenging year for JBA. As we know, as a result of this pandemic the entire automotive market is still weakening. However, JBA always has its own way of going about it. This year JBA really did a lot of adaptation, innovation, and improvisation in running its business.

First, JBA performs digital service optimization. Because JBA knows, we are still in a pandemic. We must have minimal contact with other people. With the optimization of digital services, all services at JBA can be done online from anywhere. This adds a sense of security and comfort to JBA customers.

Some of the optimization of digital services by JBA are on the JBA website and application. The appearance on the website and the JBA Indonesia application that has been modified according to current needs makes JBA customers more comfortable and easier to use. In terms of payment, JBA is also able to use virtual accounts.

Second, JBA performs service standardization. JBA wants every JBA customer everywhere to have the same experience while at JBA. For JBA personnel themselves, they are also provided with service standards that have been arranged in such a way for mutual convenience. Therefore, Credo, 9 JBA Ways, and Service Values were born as guidelines for JBA people in carrying out their activities at JBA.

In 2021, JBA also released many programs for JBA customers. The goal is for loyal JBA customers to always feel satisfied when choosing JBA as a place for buying and selling vehicles. JBA always provides more benefits for its customers, starting from gifts during transactions, payment times for buyers, credit buying systems, and accelerated payments for vehicle sellers. The customer programs in question are One JBA Membership, Flexi Pay, Instant Pay, Quick Pay, and JBA Credit.

In terms of business expansion, JBA is expanding its wings by opening four new hubs in the Sampit, Batam, Samarinda, and Padang areas as well as two new branches, namely JBA Sidoarjo branch and JBA Jakarta Raya branch. The addition of this new hub and branch is expected to be able to reach more other JBA customers. Moreover, JBA Jakarta Raya is the largest branch owned by JBA with an area of more than 4 hectares which is able to accommodate more than 1,400 cars and heavy equipment.

In the same year, JBA also intensified sales of heavy equipment. With the presence of a special website page for heavy equipment, heavy equipment customers have their own space at JBA. Thus, JBA further expands its market coverage.

With all of these adaptation, innovation and improvisation efforts, JBA managed to auction more than 105,000 used cars and more than 70,000 motorcycles as of November 2021. This is a very positive platform for JBA considering that this year the pandemic still exists and the economy has yet to recover. fully.

Finally, at the end of the year JBA received an award from the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in the Appreciation of State Asset Management event. In the Auction Awards event, JBA won 1st place in the Voluntary Auction Category. This award is given to service users who have the best aspects of governance, auction subject matter, and auction PNBB.

Indeed, 2021 has indeed been an exciting year for JBA. The enthusiasm of JBA people and the trust of JBA customers became one this year, resulting in a special achievement.

Thank you 2021.

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