Here's Mitsubishi's Response to the 2019 New Avanza

News picture Here's Mitsubishi's Response to the 2019 New Avanza
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Here's Mitsubishi's Response to the 2019 New Avanza

JBA — Various viral photos showing the new face of the Toyota Avanza, apparently no enough to make its competitors, namely Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) surrendered. Even according to Mitsubishi, the new Avanza design in 2019 is not enough to fight the current Xpander.

As is known, since November 2018 then, leaks regarding the presence of the latest Toyota Avanza in 2019 have begun to appear until finally in the last few weeks, various photos and videos of the appearance of 'a million cars' have sprung up showing most of the designs.

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Based on outstanding photos and videos, the appearance of the latest Avanza has changed very drastically, where the luxurious MPV design feels more like a Toyota Voxy. In addition, the new Avanza 2019 has also been equipped with a variety of the latest features, such as headlights that has used LEDs, 'follow me home', start / stop engine buttons, keyless, digital AC panels, and 6-inch headunits connected with six speakers.

Not only that, Toyota is also rumored to have perfected the Avanza suspense system and improved the quality of the silencer so that the cabin atmosphere felt quieter.

The new Avanza 2019 be rumored to be starting to be launched to the public mid January 2019 later.

Responding to the arrival of the latest Toyota Avanza, Intan, Vidiasari, Deputy Group Head Planning & Communication of Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) believes that the presence of the latest Toyota Avanza will not make Xpander candidates or even consumers move.

“Until now, we are still very confident that Xpander is still a product that is in demand by consumers, because it has the advantage of differentiating the small MPV class,” explained Intan, as report by the CNN Indonesia page, Monday (01/07/2019).

Intan added that in addition to design, Xpander seems to have a number of features that are quite beneficial for consumers, namely the cruise control features founds in the highest variant of this car, the Ultimate.

“Surely consumers will choose Xpander because it has more value regarding design, features and comfort which is certainly better for its class,” explained Intan again.

Even so, Intan admitted if it would remain vigilant about all the movements carried out by Avanza. This is well realized by the MMKSI, because by refreshing Avanza, it will tighten the battle of these two vehicles in the low MPV class.

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“We are aware that if new products from competitors will certainly experience a lot of refreshment. This seems to be making competition in the low MPV class even tighter, “explained Intan again.

As information, if in 2018 yesterdays, the battle between Xpander and the Toyota Avanza was quite fierce and lasted throughout the year. To secure its dominance, Toyota is trying to pour more Avanza units into various official dealers. While Mitsubishi is still working hard in increasing production to meet the indent of its consumers.

Although Xpander continues to be disturbed, apparently the Avanza position still hasn't moved as the best-selling car in Indonesia, which based on data from the Association of Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) states that during January to November 2018, Avanza managed to sell 75,654 units, while Xpander only sold 71,224 units of vehicle.

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