Electric Power Steering Damaged Due to Floods, This Is the Solution!

News picture Electric Power Steering Damaged Due to Floods, This Is the Solution!
date_range 2020-01-24
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Electric Power Steering Damaged Due to Floods, This Is the Solution!

JBA - The risk that often occurs when a car is flooded is damage to some parts of the engine or some electrical compound. One of them is an electrical component called the Electric Power Steering (EPS).

This electrical component can be damaged by floods that hit EPS modules and motors. But in some cases, in general, the part that is often damaged is the EPS motor part.

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The head of the Astrido Daihatsu workshop in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Sarudin revealed if the EPS motorbike is a part that often suffers damage due to flooding.

"Usually the EPS component that has the most damage is the motor component," Sarudin said, as reported by the Otoseken.com page.

The EPS module can be damaged due to a short circuit originating from the battery connected when the car is flooded. Meanwhile, if the electric motor is damaged, it usually comes from rust arising from flooding submerged cars.

"Well, if the electric power steering motor is broken, it's usually from rust due to flooding. Especially if the flood is full of mud, of course, it will be very difficult, "explained Sarudin again.

"For the EPS sensor itself, it has become one with the EPS motor. "Well, when we dismantle it, usually what happens, the modules can be saved, but for EPS it is not at all," explained Sarudin again.

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To improve the Electric Power Steering (EPS) motor, according to Sarudin, it can be done very easily, by cleaning it from dirt or mud. If this has been done and does not make the EPS motor back to normal, it is strongly recommended to replace the EPS motor.

"To be safe or not, it's fifty-fifty, between whether or not you can. In fact, there are also those who are still alive just by cleaning it, ”he said again.

"For the cleaning itself, we dismantle it, we spray it using a blower and heat. After that sprayed again using WD40 so that the rust was broken. But there are also those who are not helped, and in the end, must change, "said Sarudin.

For indications of EPS being damaged or not, it can be seen from the indicators found on the instrument panel or can go through a heavy steering or steering wheel.

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