Seven Affordable and Comfortable Family Cars Recommended by JBA

News picture Seven Affordable and Comfortable Family Cars Recommended by JBA
date_range 2022-09-15
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Seven Affordable and Comfortable Family Cars Recommended by JBA

Jakarta – Family cars or commonly known as MVP cars are a favorite choice for Indonesian people. A car that is versatile, tough enough and has a spacious cabin can support Indonesian family activities and transportation, especially in big cities. Here are seven recommendations for competitively priced family cars that you can get by participating in the auction at JBA:


  1. Toyota Calya

Toyota car manufacturers are known for their guarantee of spare parts and quality. In addition, the cabin of this car is also very spacious and comfortable enough for short and long-distance travel.


  1. Honda Mobilio

A car with a sporty appearance combined with practicality and comfort like a modern MPV. Meanwhile, the 1.5-liter engine used is proven to be able to offer the best efficiency.


  1. Honda BR-V

The car that combines MPV and crossover has a stylish look when swerving on the streets of the capital city. The cabin is quite spacious as well as a modern interior, making you comfortable driving with your small family.


  1. Nissan Grand Livina

The engine used by this car has a capacity of 1.5 liters which has proven to be tough and economical, coupled with a CVT transmission. Nissan Grand Livina is also suitable for carrying the needs of your children and various family needs while driving.


  1. Wuling New Confero S

This MPV car with a capacity of seven to eight passengers has a third row that is quite spacious, making it suitable for carrying many passengers. In addition, the trunk is also spacious. In terms of speed, this cheap family car is equipped with a 1.5L engine.



  1. Toyota Avanza 1.3 Veloz M/T 2019

This car is equipped with a 1.3-liter engine, of course there is no need to doubt its toughness and efficiency. This car is also famous for its after-sales service that is easily accessible.


  1. Suzuki Ertiga

This car is also one of the qualities MPVs and a tough competitor to the Toyota Avanza. This family car is quite popular in Indonesia because it has good performance and economical fuel consumption.


So, are there any of the seven family cars above that are your goals or your family's dreams? Come on, check the vehicle at the JBA auction! To check further, you can click here, or you can contact customer service at 021 1500 369 to get a list of auction cars at the nearest JBA at your place.

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