Riding a Motorcycle When It Rains, Here Are Tips!

News picture Riding a Motorcycle When It Rains, Here Are Tips!
date_range 2022-01-19
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Riding a Motorcycle When It Rains, Here Are Tips!

PT JBA Indonesia - Riding a motorbike when it rains requires extra concentration. In addition, security must be paid more attention. Stagnant water and limited visibility make it more difficult for motorists. If you are negligent, riding a motorbike during the rainy season can be fatal.

Therefore, JBA provides some tips for you if you want to drive in the rain.

1. Using a Single Raincoat
Wearing a raincoat is the most important thing. However, there are still few people who use a single model raincoat. In terms of security, this single raincoat is safer than the tandem model. Single raincoats are more effective at dispelling rainwater, so driving will be more comfortable.

2. Using Remote Light
When it rains our visibility will be very limited, so we need additional lighting when driving. The headlights are at least able to maximize visibility when driving a motorcycle.

3. Avoid Brake Sudden
When it rains, the roads will be wet and slippery. When we break suddenly on slippery roads, the tires slip and can be fatal. The most appropriate step is to keep your distance and use engine breaks to slow down.

4. Avoid Puddles
When there is a puddle on the road, we should avoid it as much as possible. Because it could be that the puddle is a pothole. If you have to go through it, slow down as you go. Let our motor run slowly.

5. Stop If the Weather Gets Bad
Safety is the main thing. When the weather seems to be getting worse, it's better to stop for a moment to find shelter that is not dangerous. Wait until the rain subsides to continue driving again.

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