Now Buy a New Car or Motorcycle Can Choose Your Own Police Number

News picture Now Buy a New Car or Motorcycle Can Choose Your Own Police Number
date_range 2019-07-23
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Now Buy a New Car or Motorcycle Can Choose Your Own Police Number

JBA - When buying a new car, in general you will never know what your vehicle's police number is. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to be forced to accept these conditions if the numbers listed are not in the heart.

However, it seems that this won't last long. Because, now you can choose your own police number when you buy a motorized vehicle, both new cars and motorbikes.

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Reported by the NTMC Polri page, Inspector General of Police Refdi Andri, Head of the Traffic Corps (Kakorlantas) Police said that his party had held meetings with ranks and partners related to registration and identification of motorized vehicles.

The special meeting aims to discuss the selection of license plates that can be done by the entire community when buying new motorized vehicles.

"The meeting discussed how the plan for police vehicle numbers can be opened to the general public who want to buy a vehicle, so that we can work together with related partners," Refdi said, as reported by the Otodriver page.

Refdi also said that if the mechanism to be applied is for people who buy new cars or motorcycles, they can directly choose their number plates online, while at the same time checking the availability of the desired vehicle number.

"So later this vehicle number can be chosen online, as if it is marked with mass colors like red, meaning it has been used, if yellow is in process, and green means it can be used or taken. This aims to minimize the occurrence of irregularities, "explained the Refdi again.

Based on the applicable laws and regulations No. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transport (LLAJ) article 280, it is said that every vehicle is obliged to include an identity number, aka vehicle number plate.

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Whereas in market 68 paragraph 1 reads, every motorized vehicle operated on the road must be equipped with a Vehicle Number (STNK) and Motor Vehicle Number (TNKB).

Even so, the application of Vehicle Numbers is still being discussed and has not been officially announced. But many netizens agree if the plan is implemented as soon as possible.

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