Most Demanded Cars During Ramadan

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date_range 2021-05-17
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Most Demanded Cars During Ramadan

PT JBA Indonesia - The month of Ramadan is over. This month, which is said to be full of blessings, is not just a mere saying. The activities of the economy's wheels move rapidly during this month of Ramadan. Sales ranging from food, clothing to automotive increased this month.


So it is with JBA. The large number of enthusiasts for used cars and used motorbikes during this month of Ramadan have made JBA continue to conduct vehicle auctions on a regular basis. As a result, there are 5 selected used cars that are customer favorites at JBA.


1 Daihatsu Gran Max

This car with a large capacity is the most popular used car in JBA. Even though this family vehicle has a large capacity, the size of the car is arguably slim. The appearance of a mini bus is the main attraction of the Daihatsu Gran Max.


  1. Daihatsu Xenia

This fuel-efficient family car is one of the most popular used cars in JBA. Daihatsu Xenia is arguably one of the cars with the largest marketing in Indonesia. Affordable prices and easy-to-find spare parts make customers not hesitate to buy this car.


3.Mitsubishi Fuso FN 62F HD

Who says used trucks are not in high demand? In JBA, the Mitsubishi Fuson FN 62F HD truck is one of the most popular cars. This Mobio is considered to be one of the vehicles of choice for customers who have businesses in the field of goods transportation and logistics. The Mitsubishi Fuso FN 62F HD is a tough car, so it's only natural that this used car is in high demand.


  1. Toyota Avanza G.

One of the most popular family cars is of course the Toyota Avanza. The price is quite affordable but has the capacity to suit the needs of this family to be used cars that are in great demand. The modern exterior design also adds to the plus of this car.


5.Toyota Innova G.

Toyota Innova G has its own place in the hearts of JBA customers. This most sophisticated family car has a dashing design with more complete features when compared to the Toyota Avanza. In Indonesia, the Toyota Avanza is also one of the best-selling cars. Spare parts that are easy to find and easy maintenance make this used car a lot of enthusiasts.


All of these cars you can buy through a JBA auction. Get the best prices on JBA.

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