Problems That Often Occur When Buying a Used Daihatsu Cadet

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Problems That Often Occur When Buying a Used Daihatsu Cadet

JBA - Daihatsu Taruna is one of the Daihatsu products that became the forerunner of the birth of Daihatsu Terios which currently exists in the Indonesian automotive market.

As is known, Daihatsu has long stopped production of Cadets in 2007 since it was officially introduced in 1999 by PT Daihatsu Astra Motor as the official distributor of Daihatsu product sales in Indonesia.

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In 2001, Daihatsu gave the latest variant to Taruna, the F-series variant. Previously, Daihatsu had released a C-series variant with a chassis that was shorter in size than the newest variant.

Mini SUV type, making Taruna reliable enough to devour all types of terrain because it has a very compact body. However, before you buy this used car, you should know some diseases from this vehicle.

One of the problems that are often experienced by used Daihatsu Cadet drivers is in the engine sector. In general, this Taruna machine has no problems at all. However, if you use aluminum material for the engine block, then you should be vigilant because the engine can overheat. In addition, you should pay attention to the connection between the block and cylinder head.

Next in the second-row seats, this could be one of the weaknesses that is often experienced by this car, especially for the F-series variant. The condition experienced in this second-row seat is often heard the sound "kretek kretek" which is caused by the middle row seats only resting on one point.

The solution to overcome this is by propping up the pedestal seat with rubber pads that help reduce the noise.

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In addition, also check the suspension section of the used cadet of your choice. If the user previously used this car within normal limits, there is a big possibility that there will be no problems with this component, starting from the arm, ball joint, and other components.

Conversely, if the owner of the previous Daihatsu Taruna lacked in caring for his suspension. Then you should immediately check the condition of the rubber bushings so that the suspension performance remains optimal.

The last component you need to check next is the axle. If there is a roar when driving, then it is a sign that there is a problem in the axle components. Therefore, you should check this component more closely so that you don't choose the wrong one.

If the rumbling is getting louder, there is a possibility of damage to the axle teeth.

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