Watch Out! This is the Location of Electronic Tickets in DKI Jakarta

News picture Watch Out! This is the Location of Electronic Tickets in DKI Jakarta
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Watch Out! This is the Location of Electronic Tickets in DKI Jakarta

JBA - Discourse on the application of electronic ticketing or E-TLE (electronic-traffic law enforcement) has actually become a hot topic since 2018. Through this system, the Police can carry out the reductions only by looking directly at the cameras that have been installed in certain locations.

Through this system, the driver of the vehicle who violates will not know if the motorbike has been ticketed, and will only find out after the notification letter from the Police regarding the violation he has committed.

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If the driver ignores this notification letter, the vehicle registration will be immediately blocked, so that the driver will not be able to pay taxes.

In DKI Jakarta, the enactment of an electronic ticket has officially begun on July 1, 2019 yesterday. Where Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya has provided four additional features on electronic ticket cameras that will be installed in several locations.

Of the four additional features, two features apply to motorists, while two more features apply to motorists.

Two features for motorists who will be exposed to the E-TLE system are motorists who ride motorbikes while using mobile phones, and violate a predetermined speed limit.

While the two features for motorists are in addition to driving using a cellphone, and exceeding the speed limit, also features odd-even plates, as well as regarding the use of seat belts.

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The following are some locations that have implemented an electronic ticketing system or E-TLE in the capital city of Jakarta, including:

  • City traffic intersection
  • Light Olimo traffic intersection
  • Intersection of traffic light Ketapang or Gajah Mada
  • Crossing traffic light Harmony
  • Crossing the traffic light of the State Palace
  • Cross of the Horse Statue Roundabout
  • Kebon Sirih traffic light intersection
  • Sarinah traffic light intersection
  • Simpang traffic light Roundabout HI
  • Senayan Roundabout intersection
  • Al Azhar traffic light intersection
  • The intersection of CSW light traffic
  • Monalisa traffic light intersection
  • Gatot Subroto Simpang Pancoran
  • Gatot Subroto Simpang Kuningan
  • Gatot Subroto Simpang Slipi
  • S. Parman Simpang Tomang
  • S. Parman Simpang Grogol
  • Simpang Asia Africa
  • Halim New Traffic Light
  • Halim Lama Traffic light intersection
  • Simpang Traffic light Rawamangun
  • Intersection Scout Traffic light
  • Simpang Rawasari Traffic light
  • Simpang Traffic light Cempaka Putih
  • JPO MRT Roundabout Senayan
  • JPO Semanggi Regional Police MRT
  • JPO ahead of the Ministry of Tourism
  • MRT Crossing Bridge near the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Sudirman Non-Toll Flyover to Thamrin
  • Thamrin Non-Tol Flyover Flyover to Sudirman
  • Cross of the Horse Statue Roundabout
  • JPO Gajah Mada Plaza
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