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Better to be a member at JBA

JBA Indonesia - Buying a used vehicle in JBA is now very easy, so it's no wonder that from year to year there is an increasing number of JBA Members. The increasing number of enthusiasts who have registered to take part in the auction at JBA are due to the many advantages and the easier the registration process as a JBA Member.


If you haven't registered yet and want to know what are the benefits of being a member at JBA, here are some of the benefits of being a JBA member:


  1. Get Rewards Pointswhich you can exchange into vouchers or electronic money.
  2. With a 6-month deposit of IDR 10,000,000, you can win a maximum of 3 unitsin one auction event day.
  3. You can enjoy the Flexi Payservice system or the extended repayment time service. This special facility for JBA car members allows used car buyers to pay off up to 28 calendar days, with terms and conditions agreed upon in advance.
  4. You can bid without the need to bid continuously by filling in the bid nominal in the Booking Pricefeature. So the price paid becomes cheaper if no one bids up to the amount you enter, and the opportunity to get the vehicle you want is greater.



You are interested? Immediately register yourself as a JBA Member to be able to enjoy the benefits by:


  1. Visit the website contact our Call Center 1500 369, if your location is close to a JBA branch, you can come directly to register yourself.
  2. Then you will be directed to make a deposit of IDR 10,000,000 and the deposit will remain for 6 months.
  3. If you have already made a deposit, you must verify it with the Call Center or Branch Cashier that you registered.

4.A few moments later, you will receive an email containing your User and Password to participate in the auction.

  1. After that, you can immediately participate in the auction at the branch you want.


It is very fast and easy to register as a JBA Member, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits. Want more information. You can contact our call center 1500 369 or click here to go to the registration menu.

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