Don't Do This After the Car Is Flooded

News picture Don't Do This After the Car Is Flooded
date_range 2020-01-10
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Don't Do This After the Car Is Flooded

JBA - Some areas in Jabodetabek some time ago experienced flood conditions. Even some cars are flooded, causing material losses for car owners.

When the flood has receded, the car owners should not immediately start their cars that have been flooded with the aim that the damage is not widespread so that you have to pay even more.

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Astra Daihatsu Motor Technical Services Executive Coordinator, Anjar Rosadi said that car owners should not immediately start the car after the floods recede, until the condition of the parts related to the engine and electricity has been confirmed in dry conditions.

"If you want to move the position of the car, you should just push it. After that check the air intake channel or air cleaner. If the channel is wet or there is an indication of incoming water, it should be cleaned immediately or confirmed entirely in dry condition or the water is gone. Then also make sure all the electrical wires or components in it are dry, "Anjar explained, as reported by the page.

The next step is removing the car's braking system. This aims to prevent the brakes from sticking to other components of the braking system. After that, check the fuel tank. Although it has been closed, but it is not impossible that water enters the fuel tank through various gaps.

The next checking step is to check the parts of the lubricating system. According to Anjar, car owners should also check the car's lubricating system even though the condition is in a closed condition, bearing in mind the possibility that water will also enter the section.

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"Don't forget to check the lubrication system and make sure that the oil is not mixed with water even though the lubrication system is in a closed condition. However, if there is a large or high flood, also ensure that no water enters the lubrication system. Clean the interior and carpet as well, after that it is dried immediately, "he concluded.

Well, for that never once to try to turn on your car after flooding so that the damage does not extend to other components.

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