Nitrogen or Air in Tires

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date_range 2021-06-25
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Nitrogen or Air in Tires

PT JBA Indnesia - Filling air on vehicle tires is a routine for us vehicle users. Once a week or once a month is usually done. The right air pressure in our vehicle tires will make driving more comfortable.


Currently, to inflate vehicle tires there are two options, namely with regular air or with nitrogen. With this choice, we wonder, what is the difference between nitrogen and ordinary wind? Which one is better? This time the JBA team will try to help answer all the questions.


What is the difference between nitrogen and ordinary wind?


“Nitrogen is an air gas that has been filtered and has no air in it. Nitrogen has a cooler, lighter temperature even though there is no air in it.” said Danny Antori, Field Inspector of JBA Daan Mogot.


“Ordinary wind is actually also a composition of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen and other gases. However, because there is still oxygen, the composition still contains air,” Danny added.


Air under normal weight pressure will turn into air which makes the tires heavier. This also causes the tires to become too heavy to hold the load while driving and go bald faster.


Which one is better?


“Nitrogen is superior to ordinary air, the air pressure in the tires is more durable, the tire pressure remains stable, and the air pressure is lighter. It all makes the quality of our vehicles better and more durable. So I recommend using nitrogen,” explained Danny.


How about mixed?


"There's no problem if you mix nitrogen and ordinary wind. Only the nitrogen content is reduced," Dany concluded

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