Ahead of 2019 IIMS, HPM Prepare the Latest Honda BR-V

News picture Ahead of 2019 IIMS, HPM Prepare the Latest Honda BR-V
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Ahead of 2019 IIMS, HPM Prepare the Latest Honda BR-V

JBA - Ahead of the biggest automotive exhibition in Indonesia, better known as the International Indonesia Motor Show (IIMS) 2019, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has announced that it plans to make changes to their products, the Honda BR-V.

As is known, the Honda BR-V is a Honda SUV that has long been launched in the automotive market of the country and has not yet experienced significant changes. That's why Honda considers if the 2019 IIMS title is the right time to refresh the vehicle.

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"For the Honda BR-V there will certainly be changes, so just wait. There will be updates even though the numbers are still small, "said Jonfis Fandy, HPM Marketing and Aftersales Service Director, as reported by Kompas.com page.

Information on refreshing the Honda BR-V which will be displayed on the 2019 IIMS title seems to have reached the hands of their vehicle salespeople. Because, some salespeople have admitted that the Honda BR-V will soon be renewed at the IIMS 2019 event.

"For the update itself, it will actually be available, and is expected to be present at the end of the month when the IIMS event takes place. "The changes are only on the exterior and some features," said one of the salespeople, as reported by Kompas.com page.

Not only that, one of the salespeople has offered a booking fee of IDR 5 million for consumers who are interested in getting the latest Honda BR-V. The price of the latest Honda BR-V is estimated to increase by IDR 5 million from the current price.

Based on information provided by the salesperson, the latest Honda BR-V will still be available in three variants, namely S, E and Prestige. The features that will be present in the latest Honda BR-V, such as the smart key system that was previously used on the latest Honda Brio.

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Until now there has been no other information regarding the details of the changes made, both in terms of exterior and interior. Even so, the signs of the emergence of the latest Honda BR-V are starting to appear based on data released by Gaikindo in March 2019, where the flagship wholesales SUV numbers from Honda show 0 or no distribution at all.

In addition, other signs of the emergence of the latest Honda BR-V also emerged from the circulation of the latest BR-V presentation photos that have been widely spread on social media. From the various photos, it appears a little presentation from the latest Honda BR-V, including from the still used 1.5L capacity engine on the vehicle.

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