How To Buy A More Efficient Vehicle

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date_range 2020-09-23
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How To Buy A More Efficient Vehicle

Worried about taking public transportation during a pandemic? Of course. Driving by car or private motorbike certainly feels safer and more comfortable. For those of you who are planning to buy a private car or motorbike, here are tips on buying a more efficient vehicle from JBA, especially during the corona pandemic:


  1. Buy Used Vehicles Under Five Years

Buying a used vehicle is a wise choice during a pandemic and economic conditions are weak as it is today. If you are not after a particular brand, you can look for used vehicles with production under five years. The price is still below the new vehicle and the taxes can be cheaper. You only need to carefully look at the physical condition and documents of the vehicle.


  1. Choose Showroom with Installment Promo

Not only new car or motorcycle showrooms that offer installments from financial or leasing companies. Many used car or motorcycle showrooms have collaborated with certain leases. You can look for installment and down payment options according to your funds.



  1. Enter the Vehicle Auction.

For those of you who rarely follow the market conditions for used cars or motorbikes, automotive auctions may not be heard. But vehicle auctions are one of the more economical ways to buy used vehicles. Listed cars or motorbikes at auction have very competitive prices. For example, at the JBA Indonesia auction center, which auctioned off hundreds of vehicles, both motorbikes and used cars, every week. Motorbikes or cars to be auctioned are always provided with information on the base price, physical condition and vehicle documents. However, make sure you still check your target vehicle directly before joining the auction. JBA also provides ease of payment by holding Flexi Pay, which is a payment extension program. For more details, please check here.

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