Gasoline Saving Tips during a Recession, Here's How!

News picture Gasoline Saving Tips during a Recession, Here's How!
date_range 2020-10-14
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Gasoline Saving Tips during a Recession, Here's How!

PT JBA Indonesia - There are several ways you can do to help your financial condition not fall apart in the current pandemic conditions. One of them is using vehicle fuel efficiently.


JBA has tips for conserving vehicle gasoline during a recession, including:

  1. Turn off your car's air conditioner if not needed

Because the air conditioner is too cold, the compressor will work hard so that it overloads the vehicle engine.

  1. Turn off the engine during long stop

When you are in neutral or idle and the engine is on, the engine will still run so it needs fuel. So, while waiting for your drive-thru order to finish in the restaurant parking lot, it's best to just turn off your car or motorbike. Replace with outside air, so that the air circulation in the car is healthier and gasoline is more efficient.

  1. Take care of your engine's rev / RPM ratio

One way to save fuel is to maintain the vehicle's RPM. If you use an automatic car, this is the most effective way to save fuel. In general, effective fuel consumption and also the power produced is around 2,500 to 3,000 RPM.

4.Eco driving is safe and economical

Driving at a steady speed and in a calm emotional state not only prevents you from accidents but also saves fuel. So, avoid driving aggressively.

  1. Avoid pressing gas and brake excessively

If you have implemented eco-driving, it will be easier for you to implement driving activities without excessive acceleration. Pay attention to the surroundings and keep your distance so you can release the gas slowly instead of pressing the brakes when you have to stop. Or avoid pressing the gas suddenly or too hard on an incline. This can make the machine work even harder.


If your current vehicle is still wasteful of gasoline and you want to switch to a more economical vehicle by buying one that is also economical, let's check the hundreds of choices of used cars and motorbikes at JBA or click here!

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